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Pat Patriot, commonly referred to as "Pat The Patriot," is the mascot of the New England Patriots, a National Football League
National Football League
(NFL) franchise based in Foxborough, Massachusetts. He is depicted as a soldier of the American Revolution
American Revolution
with his wife, Patty Patriot. The logo version of Pat wears a tricorne hat and a Continental Army uniform. This was the Patriots' official insignia until 1993, when it was replaced by the current logo which is known as "Flying Elvis". Logo
Pat was created by Worcester Telegram - Evening Gazette cartoonist Phil Bissell in 1960.[1][2]


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1979 new logo consideration[edit] In 1979 the Patriots considered replacing Pat Patriot
Pat Patriot
with a new logo, mainly because Pat Patriot
Pat Patriot
was very detailed and was therefore difficult to replicate accurately on various promotional materials and merchandise. Unsure if this would be a good decision for the team, executives decided to let the fans vote for the logo they preferred during halftime of a Patriots' home game. Pat Patriot
Pat Patriot
was the overwhelming victor.[3] Live mascot development[edit] The live mascot Pat was originally developed in the early 1990s and made one of his first public appearances at the 1995 Pro Bowl[4] as a Team NFL Hero. Team NFL Heroes were a line of mascot-like characters developed by NFL Properties; most of the characters only lasted a season or two but a handful ended up being adopted as official mascots by their respective teams, either immediately after the Team NFL Heroes project was canceled or years later with Pat being an example of the former. The live mascot Pat we know of today was intended at first to be a completely different character from the Pat Patriot logo; this is supported by the fact that Pat's name was listed as "Revere" (a reference to Paul Revere) on Team NFL Heroes merchandise. Live mascot character design[edit] Live mascot Pat wears either the Patriots' home uniform which consists of the navy blue jersey, number 1, with silver pants or the away uniform which consists of the white jersey, number 1, with navy blue pants. Which uniform Pat wears depends on which uniform the team wears in the game he is appearing at. Pat previously wore jersey number 0 until a fan approached team owner Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft
and asked if the number could be changed. This interaction was caught on tape by NFL Films
NFL Films
and shown on television. Super Bowl appearances[edit] Pat has represented the Patriots as the team's live mascot in nine of the ten Super Bowls
Super Bowls
the team has appeared in: XXXI, XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLII, XLVI, XLIX, LI and LII. Live mascot performer[edit] From 2009 to 2016 the person inside the live mascot Pat costume was Adam Visbaras. From 2012 to 2014 a second live mascot performer was added for games and special events portrayed by Matthew Hamilton, cousin of Patriots Cheerleader Kathryn Hamilton.[5] References[edit]

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Pat Patriot
at the New England Patriots' official website Pat Patriot
Pat Patriot
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