Partition may refer to:



* Disk partitioning, the division of a hard disk drive * Memory partition, a subdivision of a computer's memory, usually for use by a single job


* Partition (database), the division of a database * Logical partition (LPAR), a subset of a computer's resources, virtualized as a separate computer


* Binary space partitioning * Partition problem, an NP-complete problem in computer science


* Partition (number theory), a way to write a number as a sum of other numbers * Multiplicative partition, a way to write a number as a product of other numbers * Partition of an interval * Partition of a set * Partition of unity, a certain kind of set of functions on a topological space * Plane partition * Graph partition

Natural science

* Partition function (quantum field theory) * Partition function (statistical mechanics) * Partition coefficient, a concept in organic chemistry

Law and politics

* Partition (law), the division of an estate * Partition (politics), a change of political borders ** Partition of Belgium ** Partition of Bengal ** Partition of India ** Partition of Ireland ** Partition of Kosovo ** Partitioning of the Ottoman Empire ** Partitions of Poland ** Partition of Quebec ** Partition of Yugoslavia ** Partition and secession in California ** Partition and secession in New York ** United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine

Film and TV

* ''Partition'' (1987 film), 1987 British film * ''Partition'' (2007 film), 2007 British film * ''Partition: 1947'', or ''Viceroy's House'', 2017 British-Indian film


* Another term for Sheet music * In set theory, Partition (music) * "Partition" (song), a song by American singer Beyoncé from her eponymous fifth album ''Beyoncé'' (2013) * ''Partition'', soundtrack to 2007 film by Brian Tyler

Other uses

* Folding screen, a piece of furniture * Ljubljanica Sluice Gate, also named Pregrada

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