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The PAROPAMISADAE, also known by other names , were a people who lived in the area of southern Afghanistan
and northern Pakistan
during classical antiquity . The name was also used to refer to the lands these people inhabited, properly known as PAROPAMISUS.


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A map depicting the realm of the "Paropanisadai" from a 15th-century Greek manuscript edition of Ptolemy 's Geography The realm of the "Paropanisade" in Francesco Berlinghieri
Francesco Berlinghieri
's 1482 Seven Days of Geography .

is the latinized form of the Greek name Paropamisádai (Παροπαμισάδαι), used to refer to the inhabitants of the land of "Paropamisus" (Παροπαμισός, Paropamisós) in the Hindu Kush . The name derived from the Old Persian Para-upari-sena (lit. "Beyond the Raised Land"), which properly referred to the Peshawar Valley on the other side of the mountains from Persia, with its major settlements at