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Government (7)

     ANO (7)

Opposition (74)

     ČSSD (25)      KDU-ČSL (16)      STAN (11)      ODS (10)      Group of Independent Senators[1] (5)      Non-inclusion (7)

Chamber of Deputies political groups

Government (78)

     ANO (78)

Opposition (122)

     ODS (25)      Pirates (22)      SPD (22)      KSČM
(15)      ČSSD (15)      KDU-ČSL (10)      TOP 09
TOP 09
(7)      STAN (6)


voting system

Two-round system

Chamber of Deputies voting system

Proportional representation

last election

7–8 October 2016 14–15 October 2016

Chamber of Deputies last election

20–21 October 2017

Meeting place

Palaces in Malá Strana, Prague


Senate Chamber of Deputies

Czech Republic

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Constitutional acts

Charter of Fundamental Rights and Basic Freedoms


President (list)

Miloš Zeman


Prime Minister (list) Andrej Babiš


Senate Chamber of Deputies


Constitutional Court Supreme Court Supreme Administrative Court High Courts Regional Courts District Courts

Recent elections

Legislative: 2006 2010 2013 2017

Senate: 2010 2012 2014 2016

European: 2004 2009 2014

Presidential: 2003 2008 2013 2018

Political parties

Foreign relations

Administrative divisions

Regions Districts

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Czech Republic
Czech Republic

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The Parliament of the Czech Republic
Czech Republic
(Czech: Parlament České republiky) or just Parliament (Czech: Parlament) is the legislative body of the Czech Republic, seated in Malá Strana, Prague. It consists of two chambers, both elected in direct elections:

the Lower House: Chamber of Deputies the Upper House: Senate

Art. 15 of the Constitution stipulates its name as the "Parliament".[2] The Parliament exercises competences usual in parliamentary systems: it holds and passes bills, has the right to modify the Constitution, ratifies international agreements; if necessary, it declares war, approves presence of foreign military forces in the Czech Republic
Czech Republic
or a dispatch of Czech military forces abroad. History[edit]

Session room of the Chamber of Deputies

The tradition of modern parliamentarianism in the Bohemian lands dates back to times of the Austrian Empire
Austrian Empire
(and then Cisleithanian part of Austria-Hungary), where the Imperial Council (Reichsrat, Říšská rada) was created in 1861. After proclamation of Czechoslovakia
in 1918 its National Assembly (Národní shromáždění) undertook legislative duties both of the Imperial Council and State Diets (Bohemian, Moravian, Silesian).[3] In 1938–39 and between 1948–89 there existed a parliament within non-democratic regimes (semi-authoritarian or Communist regime, respectively). As a consequence of federalization of Czechoslovakia (1968), national councils of Czech and Slovak parts of the country were created. The Chamber of Deputies keeps continuity with the Czech National Council (Česká národní rada), while the Senate
was established in 1996 (with reference to the First Czechoslovak Republic one). References[edit]

^ Group formed by senators of various parties (Severočeši.cz, KSČM, Party of Civic Rights) and independent senators[1] ^ 2015, FG Forrest, a.s., www.fg.cz,. "The Constitution of the Czech Republic - Prague
Castle". Prague
Castle. Retrieved 2017-05-25.  ^ Balík, S.-Hloušek, V.-Holzer, J.-Šedo, J.: Politický systém českých zemí 1848-1989. Brno 2006, p. 81.

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