A parish is an administrative division used by several countries. In Ireland and all parts of the British Isles except Scotland and Wales it is known as a civil parish to distinguish it from the ecclesiastical parish.

The table below lists countries which use this administrative division:

Country or territory Local name Notes
Andorra Parròquia
Antigua and Barbuda Parish
Australia Parish [1]
Barbados Parish
Bermuda Parish
Canada New Brunswick Parish
Prince Edward Island Parish
Quebec Parish municipality
Dominica Parish
Ecuador Parroquia
Estonia Vald
Georgia მრევლი
Grenada Parish
Guernsey Parish
Ireland Civil parish
Jamaica Parish replaced by provinces as of December 31, 2017
Jersey Parish
Latvia Pagasts
Isle of Man Parish
Macau Freguesia / 堂區
Montserrat Parish
Philippines Parokya
Portugal Freguesia
Saint Kitts and Nevis Parish
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Parish
Spain (Asturias, Galicia) Collación, Parroquia
Ukraine Парафія
United Kingdom England Civil parish [2]
Northern Ireland Civil parish
Scotland (formerly) Civil parish
Scotland Community
Wales Community
United States Louisiana Parish
South Carolina (formerly) Parish
Venezuela Parroquia

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