The Info List - Paraguaná Peninsula

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The PARAGUANá PENINSULA (Spanish pronunciation: ) is a peninsula in Venezuela
, situated in the north of Falcón State , and comprises the municipalities of Carirubana, Los Taques and Falcón. The island of Aruba
lies 27 km to the north. Bonaire and Curaçao are slightly further away. The Paraguaná Peninsula
is connected to the rest of the state by a natural isthmus of Médanos . The Peninsula
contains two oil refineries , in the West city of Punto Fijo . The output of these refinieries is shipped internationally through the ports of Amuay and Cardón. The Peninsula
of Paraguana lies in the Caribbean

The peninsula lies in the Paraguana xeric scrub ecoregion. Because it is completely surrounded by water, the peninsula is sometimes called an island, and is sometimes considered as part of the Leeward Antilles .


Paraguana currently contains two large oil refineries, and the largest oil refinery complex, the Paraguaná Refinery Complex . Most of the oil that PDVSA acquires is processed in this complex. Many engineers that worked in the refineries have moved to the United States to work at Citgo .

Paraguana is a duty-free zone, so many international shops, notably Arabian, have opened.

While most of the economy is centered on the oil industry, tourism is growing. While most of the tourists come from other parts of Venezuela, many tourists come from surrounding countries such as Colombia