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Cenchreae Rchb. (1828, unranked) Digitarieae J.J.Schmitz & Regel (1841) Paniceae Horan. (1847, as Panicinae) Spinificeae Dumort. (1829) Melinideae Hitchc. (1920) Boivinelleae A. Camus (1925) Anthephoreae Pilg. ex Potztal (1957) Trachideae Pilg. ex Potztal (1957) Cyphochlaeneae Bosser (1965) Neurachneae S.T. Blake (1972)

Paniceae is a large tribe of the Panicoideae subfamily in the grasses (Poaceae), the only in the monotypic supertribe Panicodae. It includes roughly 1,500 species in 84 genera, primarily found in tropical and subtropical regions of the world.[2][3] Paniceae includes species using either of the C4 and C3 photosynthetic pathways, as well as presumably intermediate species.[2] Most of the millets are members of tribe Paniceae. The tribe is subdivided into seven subtribes, but some genera are as yet unplaced (incertae sedis).[2] Species in the Paniceae have an ancestral chromosome number (monoploid number) of x = 9, while species with x = 10 formerly included are now recognised as separate tribe, Paspaleae.[4]


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Subtribes and genera[edit]

incertae sedis

Chloachne Oryzidium Homopholis Hydrothauma Hylebates Poecilostachys Sacciolepis Thedachloa Trichanthecium Walwhalleya


Anthephora Chaetopoa Chlorocalymma Digitaria Megaloprotachne Taeniorhachis Tarigidia Thyridachne Trachys


Adenochloa Dichanthelium


Acroceras Alloteropsis Amphicarpum Chasechloa Cyphochlaena Cyrtococcum Echinochloa Entolasia Lasiacis Mayariochloa Morronea Microcalamus Oplismenus Ottochloa Parodiophyllochloa Pseudechinolaena


Ancistrachne Calyptochloa Cleistochloa Neurachne Paraneurachne Thyridolepis


Chaetium Eriochloa Eccoptocarpha Leucophrys Megathyrsus Melinis (syn. Rhynchelytrum) Mildbraediochloa Moorochloa Rupichloa Scutachne Thuarea Tricholaena Urochloa (syn. Brachiaria) Yvesia


Arthragrostis Louisiella Panicum Yakirra


Acritochaete Alexfloydia Cenchrus (syn. Odontelytrum, Pennisetum, Snowdenia) Chamaeraphis Dissochondrus Holcolemma Hygrochloa Ixophorus Paractaenum Paratheria Plagiosetum Pseudochaetochloa Pseudoraphis Setaria (syn. Paspalidium) Setariopsis Spinifex Stenotaphrum Stereochlaena Streptolophus Uranthoecium Whiteochloa Xerochloa Zuloagaea Zygochloa


Cenchrus echinatus

Digitaria sanguinalis

Echinochloa crus-galli

Eriochloa procera

Oplismenus hirtellus undulatifolius

Oplismenus undulatifolius

Pennisetum polystachion

Pennisetum purpureum

Spinifex longifolius

Stenotaphrum secundatum (St. Augustine Grass)


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Andropogoneae Arundinelleae Centotheceae Chasmanthieae Cyperochloeae Gynerieae Lecomtelleae Paniceae Paspaleae Steyermarkochloeae Thysanolaeneae Tristachyideae Zeugiteae

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Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q2738823 EoL: 11833190 GRIN: 1471 iNaturalist: 325977 IPNI: 327752-2 NCBI: 147428 Tropicos: 50062897 VASCAN: 493

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