Panagiotis Verdes is the Greek inventor of the 6x6x6, 7x7x7, 8x8x8 and 9x9x9 Twisty Puzzles. He has also worked on new designs of every Twisty Puzzle from 2x2x2 to 11x11x11.[1] Inventions[edit]

The V-Cube 6 in solved state

The V-Cube 7 in solved state

Prior to Verdes's invention, the 6x6x6 cube was thought to be impossible due to geometry constraints. Verdes's invention uses a completely different mechanism than the smaller Rubik's cubes; his mechanism is based on concentric, right-angle conical surfaces whose axes of rotation coincide with the semi-axes of the cube.[1] The patents for the cubes were awarded in 2004, and mass-production began in 2008. Verdes's mechanism allows cubes of up to size 11x11x11, as larger cubes have geometrical constraints.[1] References[edit]

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