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Panacea In Greek mythology Greek mythology is the body of myths originally told by the Ancient Greece, ancient Greeks, and a genre of Ancient Greek folklore. These stories concern the Cosmogony, origin and Cosmology#Metaphysical cosmology, nature of ...

is the goddess of healing in Greek mythology. Panacea may also refer to: *
Panacea (medicine) The panacea , named after the Greek goddess of universal remedy Panacea, is any supposed remedy that is claimed (for example) to cure all disease A disease is a particular abnormal condition that negatively affects the structure or fun ...
, a cure-all, either physical medication or a solution to a problem * Panacea (group), an American hip-hop duo * Panacea, Florida, an unincorporated community in U.S. * Panacea Biotec, an Indian pharmaceutical and health-management research company * Panacea Society, a religious group based in Bedford, England * The Panacea or Mathis Mootz, a German electronic musician, DJ and producer * Panacea (butterfly), ''Panacea'' (butterfly), a butterfly genus in the subfamily Biblidinae * Panacea, a List of Asterix characters#Gauls, character in the ''Asterix'' series by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo * Panacea, a section of "The Fountain of Lamneth", a song by Rush

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