Palo may refer to:


* Palo, Argentina, a village in Argentina * Palo, Estonia, village in Meremäe Parish, Võru County, Estonia * Palo, Huesca, municipality in the province of Huesca, Spain * Palo, Iowa, United States, a town located within Linn County * Palo, Italy, an old location in the ''comune'' of Ladispoli, Lazio, Italy * Palo, Leyte, a 3rd class municipality in Philippines * Palo, Minnesota, United States, a community located in St. Louis County, between Makinen and Aurora, Minnesota * Palo, Saskatchewan, Canada, a hamlet located within Rosemount Rural Municipality No. 378

People with the surname

* Marko Palo, Finnish ice hockey player * Tauno Palo, Finnish actor

Other uses

* Palo (OLAP database), an open source MOLAP database * Palo (religion), developed by slaves from Central Africa in Cuba * PALO!, an Afro-Cuban funk band * Palo (flamenco), the name for a musical form in flamenco * Palo, a Mallorcan liqueur * PALO, Linux bootloader for HP-PA systems * Palo (:th:พะโล้), a stew whit five-spice powder in Thai. * Palos, long drums used in the music of the Dominican Republic {{Disambiguation|place name|surname fr:Glossaire de la tauromachie#P