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Susuhunan, or in short version Sunan, is a title used by the monarchs of Mataram and then by the hereditary rulers of Surakarta, Indonesia.


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Names and titles[edit] The full title of the Susuhunan
in Javanese is: Sampeyan Dalem ingkang Sinuhun Kanjeng Susuhunan
Prabhu Sri
Paku Buwana Senapati ing Alaga Ngabdulrahman Sayidin Panatagama ("His Exalted Majesty, The Susuhunan, King Paku Buwana, Commander in the field of battle, Servant of the Most Gracious, the regulator of Religion"). This long title is occasionally abbreviated in media with Latin texts as SISKS, denoting Sampeyan dalem Ingkang Sinuhun Kanjeng Susuhunan, followed by the regnal name. The rulers of Surakarta traditionally adopt the regnal name Pakubuwono (also spelled Pakubuwana Javanese pronunciation: [pakubuwɔnɔ]). Susuhunan
is specific to the rulers of Surakarta; the rulers of Yogyakarta, who are also descended from the Mataram dynasty, have the title Sultan. List of Susuhunan
of Surakarta[edit]

Susuhanan Pakubuwono X
Pakubuwono X
and his family

Pakubuwono II, 1727 — 1749 (Kartasura and Surakarta) Pakubuwono III, 1749 — 1788 Pakubuwono IV, 1788 — 1820 Pakubuwono V, 1820 — 1823 Pakubuwono VI, 1823 — 1830 Pakubuwono VII, 1830 — 1858 Pakubuwono VIII, 1859 — 1861 Pakubuwono IX, 1861 — 1893 Pakubuwono X, 1893 — 1939 Pakubuwono XI, 1939 — 1945 Pakubuwono XII, 1945 — 2004 Pakubuwono XIII, 2004 — present

Note: There were two rival claimants to the throne, Hangabehi and Tedjowulan, both are sons of late Pakubuwono XII.[1] See also[edit]

Hamengkubuwono Sunan List of monarchs of Java


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