Pajhwok Afghan News (Pashto: پژواک خبري اژانس‎) (Dari: آژانس خبرى پژواک‎) is Afghanistan's largest independent news agency. With headquarters in Kabul, eight regional bureaus and a nationwide network of reporters and correspondents, Pajhwok delivers an average daily output of three dozen stories in English, Pashto and Dari, which is the Afghan Persian. Pajhwok also provides photographs, video footage and audio clips to international wire agencies, televisions and radio stations.[1]

Owned and operated entirely by Afghans, Pajhwok Afghan News (PAN) claims to have no political affiliations.[1] Its founder and director is Danish Karokhel. Pajhwok is a Pashto word[2] meaning reflection or echo in both Pashto and Dari languages.[1]


Pajhwok provides breaking news and features, especially on topics like elections, security, health, reconstruction, economic development, and social issues and government, through several subscription-based services:

Pajhwok News wire: Pajhwok delivers news and photos to readers in Afghanistan and around the world. Subscribers can access the latest news through Pajhwok’s website and email news updates.

Pajhwok Photo service: Available as a separate subscription, Pajhwok’s photo service provides daily pictures of key news events, in addition, to photo features about Afghan society and culture.

Pajhwok Audio and Video services: Pajhwok also provides raw audio clips and video footage of news events to international wire agencies, televisions and radio stations. Subscribers can access Pajhwok stories using conventional methods.

Pajhwok.com on the Internet: readers keep up with the latest news about Afghanistan via Pajhwok’s website. The website is updated throughout the day, seven days a week, with news in English, Pashto and Dari languages.

Email news: subscribers receive emails during the day with a digest of Pajhwok’s news stories, keeping them in touch with developments in Afghanistan.

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