PJ may refer to: * Pajamas, or PJs


* PJ (blogger), Pamela Jones, paralegal–journalist * PJ (singer), Paris Jones (born 1990), American singer-songwriter * PJ, Djahanshah Aghssa, drummer of Anti-Nowhere League

Arts and entertainment

* P.J. (film), ''P.J.'' (film), a 1968 film starring George Peppard * P.J. (Disney), Pete Junior, a Disney cartoon character * P.J. (comics), a character in ''The Family Circus'' comic strip


* PJ Media, originally known as Pajamas Media * PJ Trailers, an American trailer manufacturer * Peach John, a Japanese lingerie retailer with "pj" logo


* PJ, Justicialist Party, (Partido Justicialista), a major Argentine political party * PJ, Polícia Judiciária, Portuguese criminal investigation police * PJ, Central Directorate of the Judicial Police, Police Judiciaire, a higher branch of the French police services


* Petaling Jaya, a Malaysian city * Massie Wireless Station, Rhode Island, U.S.

Other uses

* PJ, Petajoule, a unit of energy * pJ, Picojoule, a unit of energy * PJ, code for United States Air Force Pararescue * PJ, Personal jurisdiction, a court's jurisdiction over the parties to a lawsuit * Air Saint-Pierre, (IATA code PJ) * The PJ, The Pharmaceutical Journal

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