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Pérez or Perez, as most commonly written in English, is a Spanish and Jewish
surname popular among people of Sephardic Jewish
descent. Origins[edit] The surname with Spanish origins, written in Spanish orthography as Pérez, is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Pero or Pedro (Peter)". The surname has a Portuguese counterpart with the same meaning and etymology, Peres, written with a final "s" instead of "z" and without the accent. The surname with a Hebrew
origin is transliterated into English as either Perez or Peretz, and is derived from the Hebrew
given name פרץ (cf. Genesis 38:29), after the biblical character Perez (son of Judah), which in Hebrew
means "to breach" or "to burst forth". That biblical character's Hebrew
name, however, is transliterated as Farés in the Spanish Christian Bible. Neither the Spanish nor the Hebrew
surname corresponds to one single lineage. Instead, both correspond to many unrelated lineages. Additionally, while the Spanish and Hebrew
etymological origins are distinct, there are nevertheless those who carry the surname because, in their particular case, the origin of their surname is Spanish Jewish
(i.e. Sephardic), and they, as Spanish Jews or their descendants, adopted the surname precisely because of its ambiguity. Pérez as a surname among Spanish Jews or their descendants could be considered by their non- Jewish
Spanish or Hispanic neighbors a typical Christian surname, yet still pay homage to their Jewish
roots. This was helpful during the times of the Spanish Inquisition
Spanish Inquisition
and its persecution of the Jews (and their baptized New Christian descendants) in Spain
and its colonies in Hispanic America. Among Spaniards and Hispanics, the surname by itself does not necessarily indicate a Jewish
heritage. Likewise, among Jews, the surname does not by itself necessarily indicate a Sephardic heritage.


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Pronunciation[edit] In Castilian Spanish, the name is pronounced [ˈpeɾeθ] and in Latin America, [ˈpeɾes]. The accent or stress is placed on the second-to-last syllable as with all Spanish patronymic surnames. In Modern Hebrew: [ˈpeʁets]. List of persons with the surname[edit]

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Argentine activist Agustin Pérez (died 1286), Roman Catholic bishop Ailyn Pérez, American opera singer AJ Perez (1993–2011), Filipino actor AJ Perez (blogger), Filipino blogger Al Perez, American professional wrestler Albino Pérez, Mexican soldier and politician Alfonso Pérez, Colombian boxer Alfredo Pérez, Venezuelan boxer Alonso Pérez, Spanish painter Amalia Pérez (born 1977), Mexican powerlifter Amalia Pérez Díaz, Venezuelan actress Amanda Perez, American R&B/Hip-Hop artist Amy Perez, Filipino actress Ángel Pérez (volleyball), Puerto Rican volleyball player Antonio Pérez, Spanish statesman, secretary to King Philip II Antonio Pérez, Dominican baseball player Antonio Pérez Delgadillo, Mexican football goalkeeper Armando Pérez, American rapper, known by his stage name Pitbull Arnaldo Pérez, Puerto Rican swimmer Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Spanish novelist and journalist Ashley Pérez Moza, American-born Mexican pop singer, member of pop group Ha*Ash Bartolomé Pérez
Bartolomé Pérez
(1634–1693), Spanish painter Belle Perez, Belgian musician and songwriter Benito Pérez Galdós, Spanish novelist Bianca Jagger, born Bianca Pérez-Mora, Nicaraguan social and human rights advocate Blanca Delia Pérez, Canary Islands politician Calixto Pérez, Colombian boxer Carlos Pérez, Dominican baseball player Carlos Pérez (catcher)
Carlos Pérez (catcher)
(born 1990), Venezuelan baseball player Carlos Pérez (kayaker), Spanish kayaker Carlos Andrés Pérez
Carlos Andrés Pérez
(1922–2010), President of Venezuela. Carlota Pérez, Venezuelan economist Carmen Victoria Pérez, Venezuelan model Chris Pérez
Chris Pérez
(born 1969), American guitarist Chris Perez (baseball)
Chris Perez (baseball)
(born 1985), American baseball player Chris Perez (gridiron football) (born 1969), American player of gridiron football Christian Perez (footballer born 1963), French soccer player Clara Perez, Venezuelan actress Cristina Pérez (judge), American judge, host of Corte de Familia Cristina Pérez (reporter), Argentine television news journalist Dámaso Pérez Prado, Cuban composer Danilo Pérez, Panamian pianist and composer Darío Pérez-Flores, Venezuelan painter Davide Perez, Italian composer Diego Pérez (footballer), Uruguayan footballer Diego Pérez (tennis), Uruguayan tennis player Eddie Perez (politician), American politician Eduardo Perez, Venezuelan baseball player Eduardo Pérez, American baseball player Efrén Pérez Rivera, Puerto Rican environmentalist Elías Pérez Borjas, Venezuelan cultural promoter, critic, writer, film producer Elizabeth Pérez, Venezuelan television journalist Emilio Pérez Touriño, Spanish politician Emily Perez, American soldier, first female minority Command Sergeant at West Point Érik Pérez, Mexican mixed martial artist Esteban Pérez, Argentine basketball player Felipe Pérez Roque, Cuban politician, current foreign minister of the Republic of Cuba Félix Javier Pérez, Puerto Rican basketball player Florentino Pérez, Spanish businessman Francisco Pérez Sierra, Spanish painter George Pérez, Puerto Rican-American illustrator and writer of comic books Glória Perez, Brazilian screenwriter Héctor Amodio Pérez, Uruguayan guerrilla fighter Hernán Pérez, Venezuelan baseball player Hernán Pérez Belisario, Venezuelan entrepreneur Henrique Pérez Dupuy, Venezuelan banker Hugo Pérez (soccer) (born 1963), American international soccer player Hugo Pérez (footballer) (born 1968), Argentine international soccer player Hugo Pérez La Salvia, Venezuelan engineer Ibán Pérez, Spanish volleyball player Isaac Pérez Alfonso, Venezuelan entrepreneur Isaac Pérez Recao, Venezuelan entrepreneur Iván Pérez, Cuban-born Spanish water polo player Jairo Pérez, Colombian track and road cyclist Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, Peruvian diplomat, the fifth Secretary-General of the United Nations Jefferson Pérez, Ecuadorian track and field athlete Jérôme Pérez, French soccer player Jesús Pérez (boxer) (born 1971), Colombian boxer Jesús Pérez (cyclist) (born 1984), Venezuelan road cyclist Johan Pérez, Venezuelan boxer Jorge M. Pérez, Cuban American real estate developer Jose Perez (American football) (born 1985), American football player and former baseball player José Pérez (athlete), (born 1971), Cuban hurdler José Pérez (fencer) (born 1958), Spanish Olympic fencer José Pérez (pentathlete) (born 1928), Mexican Olympic modern pentathlete and fencer José Pérez (Venezuelan boxer) (born 1964), former Venezuelan boxer José Pérez Adán (born 1952), Spanish sociologist José Pérez Ferrada (born 1985), Chilean footballer José Pérez Francés
José Pérez Francés
(born 1936), Spanish road racing cyclist José Pérez Reyes (born 1975), boxer from the Dominican Republic José Pérez Rosa, Puerto Rican senator and politician José Joaquín Pérez (1801–1889), Chilean political figure José Luis Pérez (born 1943), Mexican equestrian José María Pérez de Urdininea (1784–1865), president of Bolivia José Miguel Pérez (fencer) (born 1938), Puerto Rican fencer José Miguel Pérez (triathlete) (born 1986), Spanish triathlete José Ricardo Pérez (born 1963), Colombian football defender Joseph Pérez, French historian specializing in Spanish history Juan Bautista Pérez, President of Venezuela Juan José Pérez Hernández, Spanish explorer Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonzo, Venezuelan diplomat, politician Julia Perez, Indonesian actress Julia Pérez, later Marina Baura, Venezuelan actress Karlee Pérez, ring name "Maxine", American professional wrestler, manager and authority figure Kenda Perez
Kenda Perez
(born 1983), American model and host Kenneth Perez, Danish football player Leander Perez, Louisiana judge Louie Pérez,(born 1953), American songwriter, percussionist and guitarist Lucas Pérez,(born 1988), Spanish football player with Arsenal F.C. Luis Pérez-Oramas (born 1960), Venezuelan poet, art historian and curator Luis Pérez-Sala (born 1959), Spanish race car driver. Luis Alberto Pérez-Rionda, Cuban sprinter Luis Eladio Pérez, Colombian politician Luis Ernesto Pérez, Mexican football player Manuel Pérez (boxer) (born 1984), Mexican-American boxer Manuel Pérez (guerrilla leader) (died 1988), leader of the Colombian National Liberation Army from the 1970s to 1998 Manuel Perez (musician) (1871–1946), American cornetist and bandleader Manuel Pérez (President of Nicaragua) (died 1852), President of Nicaragua 1843-1844 Manuel Pérez (teacher) (1890–1951), Puerto Rican teacher and public servant Manuel Perez, Jr.
Manuel Perez, Jr.
(1923–1945), American soldier and Medal of Honor recipient V. Manuel Perez
V. Manuel Perez
(born 1973), California State Assemblyman, 80th District Manuel Pérez Brunicardi (born 1978), Spanish ski mountaineer Manuel Pérez Flores (born 1980), Mexican football player with C.F. Monterrey Manuel Pérez Guerrero, Venezuelan politician Marcos Pérez Jiménez, President of Venezuela
1952-1958 María Dolores Pérez Enciso, Spanish-born Mexican writer and journalist Mariano Ospina Pérez, President of Colombia 1946-1950 Mariela Pérez Branger, Venezuelan model Marina Pérez, Spanish fashion model Mario Pérez Saldivar, Mexican long-distance runner Mario Pérez Zúñiga, Mexican footballer Martín Pérez (baseball), Venezuelan baseball player Mélido Pérez, Dominican Republic baseball player Melina Perez, American professional wrestler Mercedes Pérez, Colombian weightlifter Miguel Perez (American actor), American TV actor Miguel Pérez (baseball), Venezuelan baseball player Miguel Pérez (cyclist), Mexican Olympic cyclist Miguel Pérez (footballer), Spanish football player Miguel Pérez (wrestler), Puerto Rican wrestler Miguel Pérez, Jr., Puerto Rican wrestler Miguel Pérez Alvarado, Spanish poet Miguel Pérez Carreño, Venezuelan physician and researcher Neifi Pérez, Dominican Republic baseball player Néstor Luis Pérez Luzardo, Venezuelan lawyer Odalis Pérez, Dominican Republic baseball player Óliver Pérez, Mexican baseball player Orlando Perez, American soccer player Óscar Pérez Bovela, Spanish football player Óscar Pérez Rojas, Mexican football player Otto Pérez Molina, Guatemalan politician, retired military and the President of Guatemala Pablo Pérez Álvarez, Venezuelan lawyer, politician and former Governor of Zulia
State. Pascual Pérez (boxer), Argentine flyweight Patricia Pérez, Mexican female footballer Pedro Pérez, Cuban triple jumper Rafael Pérez (baseball), Mexican baseball player Rafael Pérez Pareja (1836–1897), president of Ecuador Ricardo Pérez Godoy, Peruvian politician, President of the Military Junta Richard Ray Perez, American film producer and director Robert Pérez (baseball) (born 1969), Venezuelan baseball player Robert Pérez Palou, Spanish painter Rodolfo Pérez, Argentine field hockey player Rolando Perez, American mixed martial artist Rosie Perez, American actress, dancer, choreographer and director Rudy Pérez, Cuban-American composer and producer Salvador Pérez, Venezuelan baseball player Sara Pérez (other) Sébastien Pérez, French soccer player Sergio Pérez, Mexican F1 driver Shimon Perez, Israeli Prime Minister Silverio Pérez, Puerto Rican entertainer Silverio Pérez (bullfighter), Mexican bullfighter Thomas Perez, United States Secretary of Labor Tomás Pérez, Venezuelan baseball player Tony Pérez, Cuban-American baseball player Udon Pérez, Venezuelan poet and writer Vicente Pérez Rosales, Chilean colonization agent Victor Perez, Tunisian Jewish
world champion flyweight boxer Vincent Pérez, Swiss actor Wilson Pérez, Colombian football defender Williams Pérez, Venezuelan baseball player Yolanda Pérez, Mexican-American singer who specializes in banda music Yorkis Pérez, Dominican Republic baseball player

Fictional characters with the surname[edit]

Alfonsín Pérez, Sune[1] Maria Pérez, Sune[2]

See also[edit]

Peiris Perez (given name) Perez., an Italian neo-noir film


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