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Pé na Jaca is a Brazilian telenovela that was produced and aired by TV Globo from November 20, 2006 and June 15, 2007. Featured Murilo Benício, Juliana Paes, Fernanda Lima, Marcos Pasquim, Betty Lago, Fúlvio Stefanini, Alexandre Schumacher, Carla Marins, Ricardo Tozzi, Fernanda de Freitas, Daniele Suzuki, Rodrigo Lombardi, Bruno Garcia, Flávia Alessandra
Flávia Alessandra
and Deborah Secco
Deborah Secco
in the lead roles. Plot[edit] In 1984, on a farm near Piracicaba, five children are known. Arthur, who spends the holidays at his uncle's farm planter jackfruit; Elizabeth, the daughter of a seamstress; Guinevere, the daughter of a maid, Mary, the daughter of a wealthy farmer, and Lancelotti, the son of a settler's farm, are, by chance, on the edge of a river in São Paulo, in God Free Me, village near Piracicaba. The five play without realizing the social differences that separate them and feel confident that that friendship will last forever. But the holidays end and, with the exception of Lancelotti and Mary, they never meet. Twenty-five years pass until fate puts Arthur, Elizabeth, Guinevere, and Maria Lancelotti again in the same way so they can start from scratch, and so are all back to square one, where it all began - the city God of Me Free - without the innocence of old times and friendship sworn away one day. Arthur and Guinevere fall passionately in love. This was previously married Kermit (son of millionaire Last Botelho Bulhões), and had an affair with Lance (Lancelotti) (or Tico, treating more intimate), who is in love with Maria. Maria Bo had a husband who supported France named Jean Luc, an earl who lives bankrupt appearances, plus a love with her suitor who lives chasing her through the streets of Paris: Thierry. Arthur, however, is married to Vanessa mercenary who betrayed him with Juan convinced. This, helped Elizabeth (who gets to become the major villain of the plot) in their frames, and encouraged her to move to the side of evil. She had a crush on Deodato, who was the mysterious accomplice Morgana. This, in the past had an affair with Merlin's friend Last forming a love triangle. Elizabeth will do anything to harm his former friends, moved only by envy and ambition, even to the extreme by money and power, while other friends join together and try to show her that love and charity are virtues needed to live happy truly. Cast[edit]

Actor Character

Murilo Benício Arthur Fortuna

Deborah Secco Elizabeth Aparecida Barra (Beth)

Juliana Paes Guinevere Ataliba dos Santos Fortuna (Gui)

Marcos Pasquim Lance (Antônio Carlos Lancelotti / Tico)

Fernanda Lima Maria Bô (Maria Botelho Bulhões)

Flávia Alessandra Vanessa Fortuna

Bruno Garcia Juan Arrabal

Fúlvio Stefanini Último Botelho Bulhões

Betty Lago Morgana (Maria Carolina Botelho Bulhões)

Carla Marins Dorinha (Isadora Cabedelo Haddad)

Alexandre Schumacher Caco (Carlos Eduardo Botelho Bulhões)

Ricardo Tozzi Primo Cândido (Cândido Fortuna Botelho Bulhões)

Fernanda de Freitas Lilinha (Maria Leila Barra Botelho Bulhões de Canabrava)

Rodrigo Lombardi Tadeu Lancelotti

Sílvia Pfeifer Maria Clara Botelho Bulhões Noscheze

Daniele Suzuki Rosa Tanaka

Humberto Martins Merlin Botelho Bulhões / Vasco

Betty Faria Laura Barra

Daniele Valente Maria Celina

Carlos Bonow Ed (Edmilson)

Elias Gleizer Giácomo Lancelotti

Sérgio Hondjakoff Nuno Botelho Noscheze

Oscar Magrini Delegado Palhares

Alexandre Barros Átila Noscheze

Cláudia Ventura Duda (Maria Eduarda)

Cristina Sano Mitiko Tanaka

Dan Nakagawa Mário Tanaka

Dudu Azevedo Pipoca (Petrônio Palhares)

Emanuelle Araújo Clotilda Rodrigues Alves

Érika Evantini Mimi (Mimosa Queirós)

Gero Pestalozzi Deodato

Guilherme Piva Nirdo (Agronildo Ferreira Sales)

Lucy Ramos Guguta (Nina Botelho Noscheze)

Marcelo Torreão Plácido Haddad

Maria Estela Rivera Irina Botelho Bulhões

Rodrigo Hilbert Barrão (Flávio Barra)

Samantha Schmütz Célia

Igor Rudolf Maurício Fortuna

João Vieira Zidane Ataliba Botelho Bulhões

Larissa Biondo Débora Lancelotti Cabedelo

Miguel Rômulo Marquinhos (Marcos Lancelotti Cabedelo)

Rafael Miguel Percival Fortuna

Sofia Terra Jô (Josephine Botelho Bulhões)

Chico Anysio Cigano (Ezequiel de Jesus)

Leonardo Villar Tio José (José Fortuna)

Paulo Goulart Roberto Vilela

Walmor Chagas Canabrava

Neuza Amaral Gema

Arlete Salles Gioconda

Lolita Rodrigues Carmem Cabedelo

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