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BERLARE (Dutch pronunciation: ) is a municipality located in the Belgian province of East Flanders
East Flanders
. The municipality comprises the towns of Berlare proper, Overmere
and Uitbergen , as well as the village Donk . The Donkmeer , a large lake and a regional tourist attraction, is located centrally in the municipality. On January 1, 2012, Berlare had a total population of 14,690.


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It was where the 1798 rebellion against French rule, known as the "Peasants\' War " began in 1798.


* The church of Saint Martin and a 17th-century pillory in the center of Berlare proper. The Castle of Berlare , also in the town center, was opened to the public in 2012. * The Bareldonk Chapel , built in the 14th century and expanded in 1774 in Rococo
style, is situated in Donk. There is a Way of the Cross and calvary with sculptures by Aloïs De Beule next to the chapel. * The Donkmeer is a lake, about 86 ha in size, that came into existence through the harvesting of peat . * Recreation area Nieuwdonk . * Forested areas with trails include Berlare Broek and the Gratiebossen . * Riekend Rustpunt is a very small museum about the historic river transport of manure from the city to the countryside.


Saint Martin's in Berlare *

The Bareldonk Chapel in the village Donk *

The Castle of Berlare *

The Donkmeer is a regional tourist attraction


* Tjörven De Brul , soccer player * Fred De Bruyne
Fred De Bruyne
, cyclist and TV commentator * Karel De Gucht
Karel De Gucht
, politician * Paul Cammermans
Paul Cammermans
, film director and actor * Yves Van Der Straeten , soccer player * Preben Van Hecke , cyclist * Frank Van Laecke , theater, opera, musical and TV director * Jarno Van Mingeroet , cyclist


* ^ Population per municipality as of 1 January 2016 (XLS; 397