''Overland'' is an Australian literary and cultural magazine, established in 1954 and published as a quarterly journal in print form as well as online.


''Overand'' was established in 1954, under the auspices of the Realist Writers Group in Melbourne, Australia, with Stephen Murray-Smith as the first editor-in-chief. It was initially formed by anti-Stalinist members of the Communist Party of Australia and other members of the 1950s New Left.


The magazine has been edited by: * Barrett Reid, 1988-1993 * John McLaren, Spring 1993–Autumn 1997 * Ian Syson, Winter 1997–Summer 2002 * Nathan Hollier and Katherine Wilson, Autumn 2002–Spring 2004 * Nathan Hollier, 2005–2006 * Jeff Sparrow, 2007–2014 * Jacinda Woodhead, 2015–19 * Evelyn Araluen and Jonathan Dunk, 2019-


''Overland'' describes itself as "Australia’s only radical literary magazine", which publishes fiction, poetry, non-fiction and art. It says it "continues to document lesser-known stories and histories ndgive a voice to those whose stories are otherwise marginalised, misrepresented or ignored, and point public debate in alternative directions". Its formats are a quarterly print journal (which publishes fiction, poetry and essays) and an online magazine containing daily cultural commentary and occasional fiction and poetry. It also "holds events, discussions and debates, hosts a number of major literary competitions, and runs a residency for underrepresented writers". , the editors-in-chief are Evelyn Araluen and Jonathan Dunk, and it is published by a not-for-profit organisation. Its patron is Barry Jones .


*Judith Wright Poetry Prize for New and Emerging Poets (), established in 2007 *Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize () *Nakata Brophy Short Fiction and Poetry Prize for Young Indigenous Writers (, publication in the print magazine, and a writing residency at Trinity College, University of Melbourne *Victoria University Short Story Prize for New Writers () *Fair Australia Prize () *Overland Kuracca Prize for Australian Literature (A$8,000)

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