The Ounasjoki River[1] (Northern Sami: Ovnnesjohka) is the Kemijoki River's largest tributary and is Finland's longest single river tributary. It is also the largest river entirely within its borders. Ounasjoki is approximately 299.6 kilometres (186.2 mi) in length, and the catchment area is 13,968 square kilometres (5,393 sq mi), 27 percent of the Kemi catchment area.


The Ounasjoki River originates at Ounasjärvi Lake in Enontekiö. It flows first eastwards through Lake Periläjärvi and turns south after some seven kilometres. The river then follows southern-southeasternly course until its confluence with the Kemi River at Rovaniemi.




  • Marrasjoki


Grayling, trout, pike and other fish typical to northern Finland are found in the Ounasjoki.[2]


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