The Info List - Oskar Van Deventer

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OSKAR VAN DEVENTER is a Dutch puzzle maker. He prototypes puzzles using 3D Printing
3D Printing
. Many of his combination puzzles are in mass production by Uwe Mèffert and Witeden . His 17x17x17 "Over the Top Cube" Rubik\'s cube -style puzzle is the largest of its kind

Oskar van Deventer has also designed puzzles for Hanayama .

He is the 2012 Guinness World Record holder for his 17x17x17 cube (which has since been beaten by a 22x22x22 cube ). His work combines mathematics, physics, and design, and he collaborates at academic institutions.

In addition to being a puzzle maker, Oskar is a research scientist in the area of media networking and holds a Ph.D. in optics. He has over 100 publications, over 50 patents applications, and hundreds of standardization contributions.


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* GEAR CUBE : previously named "Caution Cube" because there was a big chance to pinch your fingers with the gears. It was mass-produced by Meffert's, but overtime it appeared as several copies and shape mods of the same design. * GEAR CUBE EXTREME: a bandaged version of the Gear cube, where 4 gears are replaced for 4 standard edges, making the puzzle harder. It was mass-produced by Meffert's, also was copied by other companies. * GEAR SHIFT: It was mass-produced by Meffert's, also appeared a Knock off version * DAVID GEAR CUBE: previously called "Polo cube" in reference to Alex Polonsky, who had the idea. It was mass-produced By Meffert's. * GEAR MIXUP: a variant of the gear cube where all faces can perform 90º rotations making possible interchange centers with edges, being called for that "mix up" It was mass-produced by Meffert's. * GEAR 5X5: An unknown Chinese company mass-produced this puzzle using a 3d printed sample, without the permission of Oskar, an agreement was met to please both sides. * GEAR BALL: A mass-produced spherical Gear cube made by Meffert's. * MOSSAIC CUBE: previously called "Fadi cube", It is a corner turning puzzle with two cut depths similar to Okamoto and Greg "lattice cube". It was mass-produced by Meffert's. * PLANETS PUZZLE Four balls in a frame. Craters on the balls block and unblock movement on the adjacent balls * ROB\'S PYRAMINX: It was mass-produced by Meffert's. * ROB\'S OCTAHEDRON: It was mass-produced by Meffert's. * MIXUP CUBE: a 3x3 Rubik's cube
Rubik's cube
that can perform 45º rotations on the middle layers, allowing centers interchange with edges. It was mass-produced by WitEden. * TREASURE CHEST: A 3x3 puzzle that when solved, can be opened, revealing a small chamber inside. It was mass-produced by Meffert's. * 1X2X9: A special puzzle for the Jade club . It was massproduced by Meffert's. * ICOSAIX: a face turning icosahedron. It has jumbling movements. It was massproduced by MF8 * CRAZY COMET: Was mass-produced by LanLan without Oskar's permission. A deal was archived later (At this time Dayan had showed already a prototype). * REDI CUBE: A corner turning puzzle mass produced by Moyu.


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