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The Organic Centre-left (Italian: Centro-sinistra Organico), was a coalition of four Italian political parties that formed governments throughout the 1960s and the middle 1970s.[2]


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4.1 Italian Parliament

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History[edit] In 1962 the Christian Democracy (DC) leader Amintore Fanfani
Amintore Fanfani
formed a cabinet with members of the Italian Social Democratic Party
Italian Social Democratic Party
(PSDI) and the Italian Republican Party
Italian Republican Party
(PRI); it is considered the beginning of the Organic Centre-left. The Fanfani cabinet, even if it can not be considered a traditional centre-left government, approved many social reforms, such as the nationalisation of industries like ENEL, which are considered left-leaning policies. On 4 December 1963, Aldo Moro
Aldo Moro
formed the first government with the support of the Italian Socialist Party
Italian Socialist Party
(PSI). Prominent socialist politicians, such as Pietro Nenni
Pietro Nenni
and Antonio Giolitti, were appointed ministers. In 1968 Moro resigned as Prime Minister and the new Premier, Giovanni Leone, formed a cabinet composed only of DC members. After few years the Christian Democratic leader Mariano Rumor, proposed a new government coalition composed of centre-left parties. The Rumor cabinets approved the divorce law, a new Workers' Statute, the creation of the Antimafia Commission
Antimafia Commission
and a reform to give more powers and autonomy to the Regions. The coalition still judged the Italian Communist Party
Italian Communist Party
and the Italian Social Movement as too extreme for participation in government. Internationally, the coalition relied on a strong pro-Europeanism and atlanticism from a pro-Arab policy, (Craxi and Andreotti). This fact caused many frictions between the Liberals and the Socialists, and was one of the causes of disintegration of the coalition. The successor of the Organic Centre-left was the Pentapartito, a coalition between the four parties that formed the Centre-left with the Italian Liberal Party. Programme[edit] The coalition programme was based on an extensive reformist agenda:

Extension of compulsory education from elementary school to secondary school Free school books Nationalization
of the electric industry Creation of Enel Divorce Law (1970), refused by the DC despite the 1974 referendum Worker's Statute Law Creation of the Antimafia Commission Creation of the Regions.


Party Main ideology Leader/s

Christian Democracy Christian democracy Amintore Fanfani, Aldo Moro

Italian Socialist Party Democratic socialism Pietro Nenni, Francesco De Martino

Italian Democratic Socialist Party Social democracy Giuseppe Saragat

Italian Republican Party Social liberalism Ugo La Malfa

Electoral results[edit] Italian Parliament[edit]

Chamber of Deputies

Election year # of overall votes % of overall vote # of overall seats won +/– Prime Minister

1963 18,325,502 (#1) 59.6

386 / 630

Aldo Moro

1968 17,667,573 (#1) 55.6

366 / 630


Mariano Rumor

1972 18,793,462 (#1) 56.3

371 / 630


Giulio Andreotti

Senate of the Republic

Election year # of overall votes % of overall vote # of overall seats won +/– Prime Minister

1963 15,834,690 (#1) 57.6

187 / 315

Aldo Moro

1968 15,949,408 (#1) 55.7

183 / 315


Mariano Rumor

1972 17,223,486 (#1) 57.2

184 / 315


Giulio Andreotti


^ Sabattini, Gianfranco (November 28, 2011). "Cinquant'anni fa nasceva il centrosinistra poi arrivarono i 'nani' della politica".  ^ Cinquant’anni fa nasceva il centrosinistra poi arrivarono i ‘nani’ della politica

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Italian Socialist Party


Carlo Dell'Avalle (1892-1894) Filippo Turati
Filippo Turati
(1895-1896) Enrico Ferri (1896) Carlo Dell'Avalle (1896-1898) Alfredo Bertesi (1898-1899) Enrico Bertini (1899-1900) Savino Varazzani (1900-1904) Enrico Ferri (1904-1906) Oddino Morgari (1906-1908) Pompeo Ciotti (1908-1912) Costantino Lazzari
Costantino Lazzari
(1912-1918) Egidio Gennari (1918) Costantino Lazzari
Costantino Lazzari
(1918-1919) Arturo Vella (1919) Nicola Bombacci
Nicola Bombacci
(1919-1920) Egidio Gennari (1920-1921) Giovanni Bacci
Giovanni Bacci
(1921) Domenico Fioritto (1921-1923) Tito Oro Nobili (1923-1925) Olindo Vernocchi (1925-1930) Ugo Coccia (1930-1932) Pietro Nenni
Pietro Nenni
(1933-1939) Giuseppe Saragat, Oddino Morgari and Angelo Tasca (1939-1942) Giuseppe Romita (1942–1943) Pietro Nenni
Pietro Nenni
(1943–1945) Sandro Pertini
Sandro Pertini
(1945) Rodolfo Morandi (1945–1946) Ivan Matteo Lombardo (1946–1947) Lelio Basso
Lelio Basso
(1947–1948) Alberto Jacometti (1948–1949) Pietro Nenni
Pietro Nenni
(1949–1963) Francesco De Martino (1963–1968) Mario Tanassi
Mario Tanassi
(1966–1968) Mauro Ferri (1968–1969) Francesco De Martino (1969–1970) Giacomo Mancini (1970–1972) Francesco De Martino (1972–1976) Bettino Craxi
Bettino Craxi
(1976–1993) Giorgio Benvenuto
Giorgio Benvenuto
(1993) Ottaviano Del Turco (1993–1994) Valdo Spini (1994)

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