The Oregon House of Representatives is the lower house of the Oregon Legislative Assembly. There are 60 members of the House, representing 60 districts across the state, each with a population of 65,000. The House meets at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem.

Members of the House serve two-year terms without term limits. In 2002, the Oregon Supreme Court struck down the decade-old law, Oregon Ballot Measure 3 (1992), that had restricted State Representatives to 3 terms (six years) on procedural grounds.[2]

In the current legislative session, Democrat Tina Kotek from Portland serves as Speaker.[3]



The Republican Party held the majority in the House for many years until the Democratic Party gained a majority following the 2006 elections. After losing several seats in the 2010 elections, resulting in a split control between both parties for one legislative term, Democrats regained their majority in the 2012 elections. Meanwhile, the Oregon State Senate has been under continuous Democratic control since 2005.

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
73rd (2005–2006) 27 33 60 0
74th (2007–2008) 31 29 60 0
75th (2009–2010) 36 24 60 0
76th (2011–2012) 30 30 60 0
77th (2013-2014) 34 26 60 0
78th (2015-2016) 35 25 60 0
79th (2017-2018) 35 25 60 0
Latest voting share 58% 42%


Past composition of the House of Representatives

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