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The Order of National Glory(國光勳章) is the highest military award of the Republic of China
Republic of China
Armed Forces, the army of the Republic of China (Taiwan).[1][2] It was established on November 8, 1937.[3] See also[edit]

List of orders, decorations and medals of the Republic of China


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Orders, decorations and medals of the Republic of China



Order of National Glory Order of Blue Sky and White Sun Order of the Sacred Tripod Order of Loyalty and Valour Order of the Cloud and Banner Order of Loyalty and Diligence Honour Sabre of the Awakened Lion Order of Grand Community Order of Cosmic Diagram Order of Book of Nature Order of Sublime Commencement Order of Renaissance and Honour Order of Victory of Resistance against Aggression Order in Commemoration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Oath-taking of the National Revolutionary Army


Order of Brilliant Jade Order of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Order of Chiang Chung-Cheng Order of Propitious Clouds Order of Brilliant Star Public Servants' Service Medal


Order of the Precious Brilliant Golden Grain Order of Wen-Hu


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