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Operation Bullshine
Operation Bullshine
is a 1959 British colour comedy film directed by Gilbert Gunn and starring Donald Sinden, Barbara Murray
Barbara Murray
and Carole Lesley.[1] The working title of the film was Girls in Arms that features in the film as a marching song.[2] Gunn had filmed Girls at Sea the previous year. The new title, based on an American "euphemism" for a very British word with the same meaning, comes from the frenzied activity preparing for their brigadier's surprise inspection. The film features 1956 Olympic swimmer Judy Grinham as a physical training instructor. The film was released in the USA in 1963 by Seven Arts Productions.


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Plot[edit] During World War II, a Royal Artillery
Royal Artillery
officer is assigned to an anti-aircraft battery that is filled with female soldiers of the Auxiliary Territorial Service. His wife who has enlisted is mistakenly posted to the battery in violation of regulations of husbands and wives serving together in the same formation. She becomes jealous of what she perceives as his paying too much attention to the other Auxiliary Territorial Service
Auxiliary Territorial Service
women. Cast[edit]

Donald Sinden
Donald Sinden
- Lieutenant Gordon Brown Barbara Murray
Barbara Murray
- Private Betty Brown Carole Lesley
Carole Lesley
- Private Marge White Ronald Shiner
Ronald Shiner
- Gunner Slocum Naunton Wayne
Naunton Wayne
- Major Pym Dora Bryan
Dora Bryan
- Private Cox John Cairney - Gunner Willie Ross Fabia Drake
Fabia Drake
- Junior Commander Maddox A.T.S. Joan Rice
Joan Rice
- Private Finch Daniel Massey - Bombardier Peter Palmer Peter Jones - Gunner Perkins Barbara Hicks - Sergeant Merrifield John Welsh - Brigadier Judy Grinham - P.T. Instructress Cyril Chamberlain
Cyril Chamberlain
- Orderly Sergeant Ambrosine Phillpotts - Reporter Naomi Chance
Naomi Chance
as Subaltern Godfrey A.T.S. Marianne Stone
Marianne Stone
as Sergeant Cook Julie Alexander
Julie Alexander
as A.T.S. Girl Dorinda Stevens
Dorinda Stevens
as A.T.S. Girl

Reception[edit] Operation Bullshine
Operation Bullshine
was the tenth most popular film at the British box office in 1959.[3] References[edit]

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Operation Bullshine
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