American victory

  • Occupation of Hopeh and Shantung provinces
  • Japanese and Koreans repatriated
  • American and other foreign nationals evacuated
  • Withdrawal
Belligerents  United States China Communist Party of ChinaCommanders and leaders Albert C. Wedemeyer
Alvan C. Gillem, Jr.
Keller E. Rockey
Dewitt Peck
Samuel L. Howard
Omar T. Pfeiffer
Thomas C. Kinkaid Mao Zedong
Zhou EnlaiUnits involved III Amphibious Corps
7th Fleet
14th Air Force
33rd and 96th U.S. Naval Construction Battalions
UDT 9 8th Route ArmyStrength 50,000[1][2] UnknownCasualties and losses 35 killed
43 wounded[2][3] Unknown