Onion gravy is a type of gravy prepared with onion.[1] Various types of onions are used in its preparation,[2] and some onion gravies use several types of onions in their preparation. Some preparations camerlize the onions.[3] Onion gravy may be served to accompany many foods, such as pork, beef steak, meatloaf, hamburger, bangers and mash, hot dogs, and French fries,[1][4][5][6] among others. Vegan onion gravy also exists, which may use seitan cooking broth in its preparation.[7] Premade mixes and formulations also exist, such as solid sauce bars.[8]


Roasted onion gravy

Primary ingredients include onion, broth or stock, such as beef or chicken stock, and flour.[1][9] Sweet onion is used in some versions,[10] and some versions incorporate beer or red wine in the gravy.[3][11] Additional ingredients may include cream, garlic, bread crumbs, butter, vegetable oil, and brown sugar,[1][3][4] among others. Various herbs and spices may be used, such as salt, pepper, sage, oregano, and thyme.[4][12]

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