Omega Upsilon Phi (ΩΥΦ) was founded at the University at Buffalo on November 15, 1894, by Amos T. Baker, John M. Garratt, Frank O. Garrison, Lawrence Hendee, Elbert W. LaWall, George H. Minard, George S. Staniland, Edward A. Southall, Townsend Walker, Henry Joslyn and Ross G. Loop. The crest is a shield displaying a monogram of the Omega Upsilon Phi letters below an eye. The colors are crimson and gold and the flower is the red carnation. There were four degrees in the ritualistic work of the fraternity, three secret undergraduate degrees and one open honorary degree known as the Hippocratic Degree conferred by Grand Chapter vote.[1]

The fraternity went defunct in 1934 after merging with Phi Beta Pi Medical Fraternity.

Omega Upsilon Phi chapters:[1]

Chapter Location Dates
A State University of New York School of Medicine & Biological Medical Science, Buffalo 1894–1934 Became ΩΥΦ chapter of Phi Chi Medical Fraternity[2]
B Niagara University 1896–1899 Joined A
Γ Union University (New York), Albany, NY 1897
Δ University of Colorado, Denver 1898
E University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College 1899
Z University of Toronto 1899
H University of Colorado, Bolder 1900
B University of Cincinnati 1900 Was ΘΝΕ Society
Θ Cornell University, NY 1901
I Stanford University 1901 Was ΠΓΕ Fraternity
ΘΔ Cornell University, Ithaca 1902–1910 School Closed
K Columbia University 1902–1913
Λ Miami Medical College 1903–1906 Merged with U of Cincinnati
M Northwestern University 1904–1912
N Medical College of Virginia 1905
Ξ University College of Medicine 1905 Joined N
O University of North Carolina 1907–1913
Π University of Pennsylvania 1908 Was ΚΦ Fraternity
P Jefferson Medical College 1908–1918 Joined Π, Was ΚΦ Fraternity
Σ University of Minnesota 1908–1912 Was ΚΔΦ Fraternity at Hamline University
T NC Medical College 1908 Joined N, Was Δ Chapter of ΚΦ Fraternity
Y Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia 1909
Φ Vanderbilt University 1911 Was ΔΜ Fraternity
X Fordham University 1912–1919 School Closed
Ψ University of Maryland 1913
Ω University of California 1914

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