The Info List - Olympic Boulevard (Melbourne)

Swan Street is a major street running through the Melbourne suburbs of Richmond, Cremorne and Burnley. The section of the street between Punt Road and Alexandra Avenue is now known as Olympic Boulevard.

Swan Street passes the Melbourne Park and Olympic Park precinct before becoming a restaurant and cafe precinct around Richmond station, including the historic Corner Hotel, followed by a retail section between Richmond and Cremorne including the Dimmey's department store, before becoming a factory seconds area towards Burnley. At 492 Swan Street was the Silverstream Manufacturing Company Pty Ltd.

The street was named after the White Swan Hotel built 1852 on the corner of Swan Street and Church Street.[1] The eastern section of the street between Alexandra Avenue and Punt Road was Olympic Boulevard renamed in November, 2006 in tribute to the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.[2]

The Swan Street Bridge still retains its name, despite the fact that it is no longer part of Swan Street.[3][4][5]

Swan Street Bridge over the Yarra River.

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