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Oliver Penrose FRS FRSE (born 6 June 1929) is a British theoretical physicist.[1] He is the son of the scientist Lionel Penrose, brother of the mathematical physicist Roger Penrose, and brother of chess Grandmaster Jonathan Penrose.[2][3] He was associated with the Open University
Open University
for seventeen years and was a Professor of Mathematics at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh
from 1986 until his retirement in 1994. He holds the title of Professor Emeritus at Heriot-Watt, and remains active in research there. His areas of interest include statistical mechanics,[4] phase transitions in metals and physical chemistry of surfactants. He is particularly known for the concept of off-diagonal long-range order, which is central to our present-day understanding of superfluids and superconductors. Other more abstract topics in which he has worked include understanding the physical basis for the direction of time and interpretations of quantum mechanics.[5][6][7] References[edit]

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