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OLD EL PASO is a brand of Tex-Mex
-style foods from American food producer General Mills
General Mills
. These including dinner kits, tacos and tortillas , sauces, condiments , rice and refried beans .

Old El Paso
Old El Paso
products are marketed across the globe. The brand is owned by General Mills
General Mills
. Pillsbury acquired it in 1995, when its then-parent company Grand Metropolitan
Grand Metropolitan
bought Pet, Inc. , which had itself taken over the brand in 1968 from the Mountain Pass Canning Company.

The name is a reference to the city of El Paso, Texas
El Paso, Texas
and the historical "Old" period when Texas was a part of Mexico.


In 1917, the Mountain Pass Canning Company in New Mexico was bought from a local in El Paso, Texas. The Old El Paso
Old El Paso
company originally started by selling canned tomatoes and pinto beans. By 1938, Old El Paso was registered as a trade mark.

Old El Paso
Old El Paso
relocated to many locations around the US, before finally settling in Texas in 1958. In 1969, Old El Paso
Old El Paso
became the first national brand to offer a full line of Mexican meals in supermarkets and the first to advertise Mexican cuisine in the US.

In 1970, American supermarkets created a Mexican food section in their stores for the first time, due to the influence of Old El Paso and other Mexican food products. Also in the 70s, Old El Paso introduced a taco dinner globally, where many international markets were unfamiliar with Mexican cuisine.

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