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Old Woman's Gulch is a ravine, or system of ravines, located in the north end of Tacoma, Washington. Originally named after the old longshoremen's widows who were displaced during the construction of the sports field that gave Stadium High School
Stadium High School
its namesake, the original Old Woman's Gulch is located in the Stadium District. At a later date, the name "Old Woman's Gulch" was also used to describe the gulch system that runs through the entirety of the north end, including the more residential areas to the west of the Stadium District, near the Proctor District. Today, few people are aware that the ravine is known as the Old Woman's Gulch, instead referring to it simply as "the gulch" or "the ravine." A trail through Old Woman's Gulch runs from Puget Park and the adjacent Puget Gardens Park near the Proctor District to Point Defiance Park, over a mile away. Coordinates: 47°16′16.7″N 122°27′13.2″W / 47.271306°N 122.453667°W / 47.271306; -122.453667

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