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Oku-sama wa Joshi Kōsei (おくさまは女子高生, lit. "My Wife is a High School Girl") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiyoko Kobayashi centering on a couple whose age difference makes it difficult for them to further their relationship, as one is a high school girl and the other is her physics teacher. The series first began as a manga serialized in Young Jump
Young Jump
published by Shueisha. A video game based on the series was released for the PlayStation 2
PlayStation 2
and the Dreamcast. Later, the manga was adapted into an anime series that aired in Japan between July 3 and September 25, 2005, containing 13 episodes, with each episode composed of two mini-episodes. Plot[edit] Asami Onohara (小野原 麻美, Onohara Asami) is a seventeen-year-old high-school student (voiced by Ayako Kawasumi) with a secret which has not been revealed to anyone: she is already married. Her husband, Kyosuke Ichimaru (市丸 恭介, Ichimaru Kyōsuke) (voiced by Mitsuaki Madono), is a physics teacher in the same high school as her. However, even though they are officially a married couple, Asami's father forbids them to have any sexual contact until after Asami has graduated. Asami has to hide the fact that she is married to Kyosuke while trying desperately to further their relationship, and it does not help when there are so many interferences and obstacles from her father and other third parties. Episodes[edit]

No. Title Original air date

1 "To Everyone in Secret..." "Minna niwa Naisho dakedo..." (みんなにはナイショだけど...) 

Asami fantasizes about taking Kyosuke to bed while she prepares a special meal to celebrate his birthday, but everything goes wrong. The food winds up on the floor, her father and Kyosuke quarrel, and Kyosuke passes out after one too many beers. 

2 "I Have Received a Love Letter!" "Raburetā Morachatta!" (ラブレターもらっちゃった!) 

Asami finds a love letter in her shoe locker, then creates a disruption in Kyosuke's class by attempting to read it during his lecture. Kyosuke confiscates the letter, returning it after a quick glance. Asami avoids confronting her admirer, leaving school by a different exit. 

3 "Welcome to the School Festival♥" "Gakuen Matsuri de Irasshaimase♥" (学園祭でいらっしゃいませ♥) 

Asami's class becomes a maid cafe for the school festival. The costumes are revealing, mortifying Asami, scandalizing Kyosuke, and outraging her father. 

4 "I Could Bear a Child...!" "Kodomo ga Dekichaimashita...!" (子供ができちゃいました...!) 

Asami wants to adopt a stray kitten she finds in a park, naming it Kuri (繰井, kurī) after its intense eyes. Kyosuke would prefer a dog, so she brings food to the park instead, until a fierce rainstorm forces the issue. 

5 "Even though I Am Thinking of Today..." "Kyō koso wato Omotta noni..." (今日こそはと思ったのに...) 

Asami alarms her friends by calling Kuri her new child. Kyosuke walks in on a fellow teacher and is disturbed by what he sees. Asami's romantic supper is interrupted when Kyosuke rushes off to counsel his distressed colleague. 

6 "Participating in the Sakura Parent Meeting!" "Sakura Oyako Sanjō" (サクラ親子参上!) 

Nightclub worker Sakura Mizunosaki (水ノ咲サクラ, mizu-no-saki sakura, "Cherry Waterblossom") moves in next door. Desperate for a husband, the unwed mother starts putting the moves on the physics teacher. Powerless to resist, Asami collapses under the stress. 

7 "My Husband Lied..." "Danna-sama ga Usou o Tsuita..." (ダンナ様がうそをついた...) 

Kyosuke's colleague Iwasaki asks him to meet her for tea after school, but "tea" goes on for hours, eventually turning into dinner. When Kyosuke finally gets home, he lies that he had to work late, not realizing that while she was out shopping for him, Asami saw him with Iwasaki. 

8 "Is It Okay to Believe..." "Shinjite ii desuka..." (信じていいですか...) 

Kyosuke goes out drinking with his colleagues, where Iwasaki confesses her love and tries to kiss him. Asami is overjoyed when Kyosuke returns home early and tries to kiss him on the veranda, but he feeds her a cherry instead. 

9 "Our Secret Revealed...!" "Barechaimashita...!" (バレちゃいました...!) 

Sakura is tracking Kyosuke with her binoculars when Asami kisses him goodbye. Imagining them to be in some kind of incestuous relationship, she puts on her "battle dress" and confronts Asami after school. 

10 "Hope of a Great Grandchild...?!" "Himago ga Hoshii...!?" (ひ孫がほしい...!?) 

Kyosuke's grandmother arrives to "help the baby along," promising to stay and help Asami until she can see her great-grandchild. Kyosuke has kept Asami's age and status secret, so Asami has to sneak in and out of the house, changing clothes in the train station. Only when Asami's father visits does the truth come out. 

11 "A Trip for Two People ♥" "Futarikkiri no Ryokō" (二人っきりの旅行) 

Kyosuke books a trip to an onsen by the sea so that he and Asami can spend some time alone together during the summer break, but the usual suspects keep getting in the way. 

12 "The Festival, Fireworks and..." "Matsuri to Hanabi to ..." (夏祭りと花火と...) 

Asami and Kyosuke go to the summer festival together, watch fireworks, and eat yakisoba. 

13 "After the Summer Heat" "Shokibarai no ato de" (暑気払いのあとで) 

Asami and Kyosuke have a nabe party with the neighbors, but Kyosuke gets a stomach-ache and goes to the hospital. Asami must care for him there as a wife should without tipping off her friends. 

14 "My Teacher's Reward" "Danna-sama no Gohōbi" (ダンナさまのごほうび) 

Asami is assigned to the 1000 meter run for Sports Day
Sports Day
even though she isn't very athletic. In order to inspire her, Kyosuke promises her a reward if she finishes in the top three. 

15 "Me...In a Video...?" "Atashi ga...Bideo ni...?" (あたしが...ビデオに...?) 

Instead of studying for mid-terms, Asami gets all hot and bothered after seeing some adult videos. 

16 "The Incident on a Rainy Day" "Ame no Hi no Dekigoto" (雨の日の出来事) 

Asami is saved from a violent man on the train by Iwasaki's younger brother, gets wet in the rain, and winds up on camera. 

17 "Sleeping Together in the School Infirmary!?" "Hokenshitsu de Soine!?" (保健室で添い寝!?) 

First Kyosuke and then Asami are sent to the infirmary after being struck by a volleyball after school. Iwasaki insists on escorting Kyosuke home, and tells her brother to do the same for Asami. Only by ditching their escorts are Kyosuke and Asami able to make it home safely. 

18 "My Husband Is the Lady of the House?" "Danna-sama ga Oku-sama?" (ダンナさまがおくさま?) 

Kyosuke takes over the household chores so that Asami can study, with predictable results. 

19 "Tears of Watching the Stars" "Namida no Tentaikansoku" (涙の天体観測) 

Kyosuke volunteers for night duty at school so that he can watch the stars with Asami, but Iwasaki decides to surprise him with a homemade bento and discovers their inappropriate student-teacher contact. 

20 "I Won't Lose to a Little Girl" "Komusume nanka ni Makenai wa" (小娘なんかに負けないわ) 

Iwasaki threatens to reveal Kyosuke unless he agrees to stop "seeing" Asami. The threat actually seems to bring husband and wife closer together, until Sakura's boy inserts himself. 

21 "Would You Marry Me...?" "Kekkon shite kuremasenka...?" (結婚してくれませんか...?) 

The manager of a convenience store suddenly proposes to Asami, with Kyosuke's inadvertent encouragement. His attention is soon diverted, however, by Sakura. 

22 "Under the Stars of the Sky..." "Manten no Hoshi no Shita de" (満天の星の下で...) 

An overnight field trip turns into a midnight tryst gone awry when Iwasaki decides to use the opportunity to press her suit. 

23 "Our First Married Fight" "Hajimete no Fūfu Genka" (初めての夫婦ゲンカ) 

Spilled tea triggers a silly lover's quarrel. Asami runs out of the house, and eventually Kyosuke follows. Hours pass as the two search the town for each other, even while Asami's father parties with Sakura. He calls the school to apologize the next day, and Iwasaki's suspicions are aroused when she overhears Kyosuke talking to his father-in-law. 

24 "Cold warning!" "Kaze ni Goyōjin!" (風邪にご用心!) 

Having run around in the cold for hours without a coat, Asami succumbs to a high fever the next day. When she collapses in the convenience store, the manager brings her to the hospital and calls the school, telling the teacher who answers that Kyosuke's "little sister" Asami is seriously ill. Iwasaki is not amused to learn that this previously unknown relative has the same name as her rival. 

25 "The Marriage Is Discovered!" "Kekkon ga Bareta!" (結婚がばれた!) 

Iwasaki confronts Kyosuke with her suspicions in a family restaurant after school. Flustered, Kyosuke runs off without his briefcase, so Iwasaki delivers it to his house. Asami tries to hide, but is betrayed by a cockroach. Dinner winds up on the floor again. 

26 "I Will Always Love You..." "Itsu made mo Zutto Aishite" (いつまでもずっと愛して...) 

Kyosuke is called to the headmaster's office. Seeing Iwasaki standing at the headmaster's desk, and fearing that he has been discovered, Kyosuke presents the headmaster with the already prepared letter of resignation that he is carrying. Then a Christmas miracle occurs. 

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