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([ˈoːbɐ.fyːʀɐ], "senior leader") was an early paramilitary rank of the Nazi Party
Nazi Party
(NSDAP) dating back to 1921. Translated as "senior leader", an Oberführer
was typically a NSDAP member in charge of a group of paramilitary units in a particular geographical region.[1] From 1921 to 1925, the phrase Oberführer
was used as a title in the Sturmabteilung
(SA), but became an actual SA rank after 1926. Oberführer
was also a rank of the Schutzstaffel
(SS, at that time a branch of the SA), established in 1925 as Gauführer, a rank for SS officers in charge of SS personnel in the several Gaue throughout Germany; in 1928 the rank was renamed Oberführer, and used of the commanders of the three regional SS-Oberführerbereiche. In 1930, the SS was reorganized into SS-Gruppen and Brigaden, at which time Oberführer
became subordinate to the higher rank of Brigadeführer. By 1932, Oberführer
was an established rank of the SA, SS and NSKK.[1][2] Oberführer
wore two oak leaves on the uniform collar rank patch, along with the shoulder boards and lapels of a general officer.[3] In 1938, the status of SS- Oberführer
began to change with the rise of the SS-Verfügungstruppe
which would later become the Waffen-SS. Since Brigadeführer
was rated equal to a Generalmajor, and Standartenführer
to an Oberst, Oberführer
had no military equivalent and quickly became regarded as a senior colonel rank.[4] This distinction continues in historical circles with most texts referring to Oberführer
as a senior colonel rank[4][5] while some others state it has a military equivalent to a British Army brigadier.[6] Insignia[edit]

Shoulder mark (Infantry)

SS-Medical corps

Gorget patches

Military camouflage

Junior Rank Standartenführer SS rank and SA rank Oberführer Senior Rank Brigadeführer

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