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NYLONKONG, a contraction of New York–London–Hong Kong, is a neologism coined to link New York City
New York City
, London
and Hong Kong
Hong Kong
as the eperopolis of the Americas
, Euro-Africa , and Asia-Pacific that first appeared in the magazine Time in 2008. The article suggests that the cities share similarities, especially in being globalised financial and cultural centres, and are the most remarkable cities in the 21st century. The article elicited a strong positive response in Hong Kong but remains little known in the other two cities.


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Nylonkong, from NY ( New York City
New York City
), Lon ( London
), and Kong (Hong Kong ) first appeared in Time article A Tale of Three Cities in 2008.

According to Time, these cities share similarities in cultural and economic establishments. They are influential in cultural industries, including art auctions , movies , and pop songs . In addition, the cities are top international financial centres located in different time zones . Time further described the cites as the three most remarkable international cities in the 21st century, and one could better understand the world through understanding Nylonkong. Financial Development Index ranks Hong Kong, USA, and UK as the first to third places of the table, accordingly.


An extended range of responses was observed in media and academia after the term was coined, such as in the Mingpao Daily . The term was first quoted in academia by Yin Pak Andrew Lau in the Liberal Studies Youth Summit on Basic Law, and Sing Tao Daily
Sing Tao Daily
suggested that the term is a profound