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The NWAGU ANEKE SCRIPT is a syllabary and some logographs that was developed by Nwagu Aneke for the Umuleri
dialect of Igbo in the late 1950s. Aneke, a successful land owner and diviner, claimed to have had no prior reading or writing skills. and that he was inspired by spirits who has revealed the characters to him. The script does not have any vowels but is similar to other West African scripts invented in the 19th and 20th centuries such as the Vai syllabary because it has characters for sounds that are not in the Latin script. Aneke had written over 100 textbooks worth of ant-colonial commentary works and diary entries such as _The Spirits Implore Me to Record All They Have Taught Me_ and _I Went Round the World_ before his death in 1991.


* ^ Azuonye, Chukwuma (1992). "The Nwagu Aneke Igbo Script: Its Origins, Features and Potentials as a Medium of Alternative Literacy in African Languages". _Africana Studies Faculty Publication Series_. University of Massachusetts Boston (13).

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