Novgorodsko-Sofiysky Svod


According to Russian philologist
Aleksey Shakhmatov Alexei Alexandrovich Shakhmatov (russian: Алексе́й Алекса́ндрович Ша́хматов, – 16 August 1920) was a Russian Empire, Russian Imperial philology, philologist and historian credited with laying foundations for ...
, Novgorodsko-Sofiysky Svod (russian: Новгородско-Софийский свод, Novgorod-Sofia Compilation) is a tentative name for a hypothetical common source for the
Novgorod Fourth Chronicle The Novgorod Fourth Chronicle (Новгородская четвёртая летопись) is a Russian chronicle of 15th century. It is traditionally called "Fourth" according to the order of the modern publication of Novgorod chronicles, rather ...
and the
Sofia First Chronicle The Sofia First Chronicle (Софийская первая летопись) is a Russian chronicle A chronicle ( la, chronica, from Greek#REDIRECT Greek Greek may refer to: Greece Anything of, from, or related to Greece Greece ( el, Ε ...
. Bobrov, p. 129 Shakhmatov initially dated it by 1448 (hence it also used to be called 1448 compilation; russian: "свод 1448 г."), but later revised his opinion to 1430s. Some Russian philologists shared his opinion, while others attribute the common source to the 1418 compilation of
Photius, Metropolitan of Moscow Photius of Kiev (Russian language, Russian: ''Фотий Киевский'') (died July 2 or February 7, 1431), Metropolitan of Kiev and all Rus', Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia, of Greeks, Greek descent. Life In 1407, Photius was appoi ...
.Bobrov, p. 131

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Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles The Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles (, abbr. ''PSRL'') is a series of published volumes aimed at collecting all medieval East Slavic languages, East Slavic chronicles, with various editions published in Imperial Russia, the Soviet Union, ...



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