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Nova Lima is a
municipality A municipality is usually a single having status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and regional laws to which it is subordinate. The term ''municipality'' may also mean the governing or ruling body of a gi ...
of about 87,000 people, whose downtown is located about 20 kilometers of
Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte (, ; "Beautiful Horizon") is the in Brazil, with a population around 2.7 million and with a metropolitan area of 12.7 million people. It is the in South America and the in the Americas. The metropolis is anchor to the , rank ...

Belo Horizonte
, the capital of the south-eastern Brazilian state of
Minas Gerais Minas Gerais () is a state in Southeastern Brazil The Southeast Region of Brazil Brazil ( pt, Brasil; ), officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: ), is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. At 8.5&nb ...

Minas Gerais
Mining Mining is the extraction of valuable mineral In geology and mineralogy, a mineral or mineral species is, broadly speaking, a solid chemical compound with a fairly well-defined chemical composition and a specific crystal structure that occu ...

is one of the main economical activities of the city, including the extraction of
Iron Ore Iron ores are rocks A rock is any naturally occurring solid mass or aggregate of minerals or mineraloid matter. It is categorized by the minerals included, its Chemical compound, chemical composition and the way in which it is formed. Rock ...
Gold Gold is a chemical element Image:Simple Periodic Table Chart-blocks.svg, 400px, Periodic table, The periodic table of the chemical elements In chemistry, an element is a pure substance consisting only of atoms that all have the same numb ...

. The most famous mine in the city is
Morro Velho Morro Velho, also called AngloGold Ashanti Brasil Mineração, after its current owner AngloGold Ashanti, is a complex of gold mine Gold mining is the resource extraction of gold by mining. History The exact date that humans first began ...
(Old Hill), a gold mine of depth.


Historically, the city was known as ''Campos de Congonhas'', ''Congonhas de Sabará'' and until 1923 as ''Villa Nova de Lima''.


The city belongs to the mesoregion Metropolitana de Belo Horizonte and to the microregion of Belo Horizonte. The city is home to several mines, including the Morro Velho, Mostardas, and Rio de Peixe mines. A number of minerals are extracted from these and other sites in and around the city, including gold. The St. John Del Rey Mining Company was founded by British interests in 1834 for the extraction of gold and also caused the settlement of some 150 families from Great Britain, Britain which led to the establishment of the Anglican Church in town. The municipality contains the Mata do Jambreiro Private Natural Heritage Reserve, a protected area operated by the State Forestry Institute in partnership with the MBR mining company. It contains part of the Serra do Rola-Moça State Park, created in 1994. It also contains a small part of the Serra do Gandarela National Park, created in 2014.


The city is home to the Villa Nova Atlético Clube, the second-oldest football club of Minas Gerais still active. The club was a major force from the 1930s until the early 1950s and won in that period five Campeonato Mineiro, state championships. It is still a regular participant in the first division of Minas Gerais. From the late 1920s until the end of the 1930s the Sport Club Retiro also took part in the state championship. With José Perácio in 1938 and Luiz Carlos Ferreira, Luiz Carlos Ferreira "Luizinho" in 1982 two players born in Nova Lima represented Brazil in World Cups.


Novo Lima (MG) - St John Del Rey Mining Co - 1869.jpg , St John Del Rey Mining Co., ca. 1868–69 Nova Lima - Câmara dos Vereadores.jpg , Municipal Chambers Nova Lima (MG) - Teatro Municipal.jpg , Teatro Municipal Nova Lima (MG) - Matriz do Pilar at night.jpg , Matriz do Pilar Nova Lima (MG) - Praça Principal.jpg , Main Square Nova Lima (MG) - Hospital Nossa Senhora de Lourdes.jpg , Hospital Nossa Senhora de Lourdes Nova Lima (MG) - Bairro dos Ingleses.jpg , Quarter of the English Nova Lima (MG) - Bicame.jpg , Bicame, aqueduct for gold-washing

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