The Info List - Nové Mlýny Reservoirs

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The NOVé MLýNY RESERVOIRS (Czech : Vodní dílo Nové Mlýny) are three reservoirs behind the Nové Mlýny Dam
on the Dyje River in the Czech Republic
Czech Republic
. The lower reservoir, 1668 ha in area, is the Novomlynska (or Nové Mlýny) Reservoir, the middle reservoir, 1031 ha, is the Věstonice Reservoir and the upper reservoir, 528 ha, is the Musovska (or Mušov) Reservoir.


* Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Environmental Law Service - The Nove Mlyny reservoirs * Dam
Nové Mlýny * Littoral 0+ fish assemblages in three reservoirs of the Nové Mlýny Dam
(Czech Republic)

Coordinates : 48°54′10″N 16°37′15″E / 48.90278°N 16.62083°E / 48.90278; 16.62083

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