Parliamentary elections were held in Norway in 1882.[1] Whilst political parties were not officially established until 1884, there were two broad movements already in existence - one supporting the Swedish King and the existing system, and one demanding reform.[2]

The first political party in Norway, the Liberal Party were established ahead of the next election. This led to MPs joining the party and forming a government led by Johan Sverdrup which introduced parliamentarism to Norway on 26 June 1884.


Party Votes % Seats
Liberals (those forming the Liberal Party in 1884) 44,803 62.8 83
Conservatives (those forming the Conservative Party in 1884) 26,501 37.2 31
Invalid/blank votes 824
Total 72,128 100 114
Registered voters/turnout 99,501 72.5
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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