The 2009 Sami parliamentary election was held in Norway on September 14, 2009.[1] Voters elected 39 members for the Sami Parliament of Norway.

The election saw significant losses for the two dominant parties in the Sami Parliament, the Norwegian Labour Party and Norwegian Sami Association. Two third parties made a breakthrough, the new Árja and the Progress Party, with three seats each.


Both the Labour Party and Norwegian Sami Association had refused cooperating with the Progress Party, who notably seek the dismantlement of the Sami Parliament.[2] While both Labour and NSR were reluctant to give hold to a so-called "minor party tyranny", the parties also thought it unlikely to establish a Sami Parliament Council together, but held that it could not be ruled entirely out. Both parties sought cooperation with the Árja Party. Árja held that they could cooperate with all parties, with the likely exception of the Progress Party, citing it "could be problematic".[3] Árja mainly sought to establish a "bloc" together with the Kautokeino reindeer herders list,[4] while also negotiating with both the main parties,[5] as well as Nordkalottfolket.[6]


In the end, a majority Sami Parliament Council was inserted, supported by the Labour Party (14 seats), Árja (3), Nordkalottfolket (1), Sami residents in Southern Norway (1) and Åarjel-Saemiej Gielh (1).[7] The Sami Parliament Council itself, consisted of Egil Olli (Labour) as President, Láilá Susanne Vars (Árja) as Vice President, and the council members Ellinor Marita Jåma (Åarjel-Saemiej Gielh), Marianne Balto (Labour) and Vibeke Larsen (Labour). The council was later complained in to the Control Committee by Labour politician Åge Nils Haugen, as the council violated its own equal rights laws, as it consisted of four women and only one man. The complaint was also supported by the Progress Party.[8]

Election results

Election results for the 2009 Sami parliamentary election.[9][10] Voter turnout was 68.0%.[9]

e • d  Summary of the 14 September 2009 Norwegian Sami parliamentary election results
Parties Votes % +/− Seats +/−
  Norwegian Labour Party (Norgga
Bargiidbellodat, Det norske Arbeiderparti
2,534 26.8 −5.0 14 −4
  Norwegian Sami Association (Norgga Sámiid
Riikkasearvi, Norske Samers Riksforbund
, NSR)
1,986 21.0 −5.3 11 −5
  Árja 949 10.0 3
  Progress Party (Ovddádusbellodat, Fremskrittspartiet) 737 7.8 +5.5 3 +3
  Centre Party (Guovddásbellodat, Senterpartiet) 466 4.9 −1.8 0 −1
  Conservative Party (Olgesbellodat, Høyre) 439 4.6 +2.2 1 +1
  Kautokeino reindeer herders list
(Johttisápmelaccaid listu, Kautokeino flyttsameliste)
411 4.4 2
  Norwegian Sami National Association and
Sami People joint list (Norgga Sámiid Riikkasearvvi ja
Sámeálbmot Bellodaga oktasaslista, NSR felles
366 3.9 2
  Sami League of Nation
(Sámiid Álbmotlihttu, Samenes Folkeforbund)
297 3.1 −1.8 0 0
  Sami People's Party (Samefolkets parti) 221 2.3 −1.5 0 −1
  Sami residents in Southern Norway
(Sámit Mátta/Lulli-Norggas, Samer bosatt i Sør-Norge)
191 2.0 +0.2 1 0
  Nordkalottfolket 184 1.9 1
  Åarjel-Saemiej Gielh (ÅaSG) 146 1.5 1
  Non-reindeer herders list
(Dáloniid Listu, Fastboendes Liste)
124 1.3 0
  Common list (Oktasaslista, Felleslista) 110 1.2 0
  Ofelas 75 0.8 0
  Socialist Left Party (Sosialistalas
Gurutbellodat, Sosialistisk Venstreparti
64 0.7 −2.8 0 0
  Sjaddo 55 0.6 0
  Christian Democratic Party (Kristelig Folkeparti) 48 0.5 0
  Liberal Party (Gurutbellodat, Venstre) 45 0.5 −0.2 0 0
9,448 100% 39

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