Norwegian Customs Service is a Norwegian government agency under the Ministry of Finance with responsibility for "protecting society against illegal importation and exportation of goods and to ensure government revenues by correct and timely payment of duties and taxes". The agency also has the task of preventing of smuggling.

The agency is organized in a central directorate (headed by a director) in Oslo and an external agency with six customs regions,[1] 20 customs offices and four expeditionary and control units. There are about 250 employees in the Directorate and 1,500 employees in the external agency.

Customs regions

  • Customs region of Oslo and Akershus, Oslo
  • Customs region of Eastern Norway, Fredrikstad
  • Customs region of Southern Norway, Kristiansand
  • Customs region of Western Norway, Bergen
  • Customs region of Central Norway, Trondheim
  • Customs region of Northern Norway, Tromsø

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