Northside or North Side may refer to:


* Northside (band), a musical group from Manchester, England * NorthSide, an American record label * NorthSide Festival (Denmark), a music festival in Aarhus, Denmark * "Norf Norf", a 2015 song by Vince Staples



* Northside, Saskatchewan * Northside East Bay, Nova Scotia * North Side, Newfoundland and Labrador

United States

* North Side, California, former name of Oildale, California * Northside, Berkeley, California * Northside, Long Beach, California * North East Side (Denver), a region in both Denver County and Adams County, Colorado * North West Side (Denver), a region in Denver County, Colorado * North Side, Chicago, Illinois * Northside (East Chicago), Illinois * Northside (Jacksonville), a region in Jacksonville, Florida * Northside, Lexington, a neighborhood in northern Lexington, Kentucky * Northside, Paterson, a neighborhood in Paterson New Jersey * North Side, Binghamton, a neighborhood of Binghamton, New York * Northside, Syracuse, New York * Northside, Cincinnati, Ohio * North Side (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania * North Side, Waco, Texas, a neighborhood of Waco, Texas * Northside, Houston, a district of Houston, Texas * North Side, U.S. Virgin Islands, a settlement on the island of Saint Croix * Northside, Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, an administrative census subdistrict on Saint Thomas * North Side (Richmond, Virginia)

Other places

* North Side, Anguilla, a district in Anguilla * North Side, Cayman Islands * Northside, a district of the town of Workington, England * Northside, Dublin, Ireland


* Northside Christian School (North Charleston, SC), United States * Northside High School (disambiguation) * Northside Middle School (disambiguation)

Other uses

* North Side Inc, software company * North Side SC, a football club in George Town, Cayman Islands * Northside (Metrorail station), Miami, Florida

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