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The NORTHERN HIGHLANDS are a mountainous biogeographical region of northern Madagascar
. The region includes the Tsaratanana Massif (with the highest mountain of Madagascar, Maromokotro ) and smaller nearby massifs such as Marojejy , Anjanaharibe-Sud , and Manongarivo . The Mandritsara Window separates the Northern from the Central Highlands and apparently acts as a barrier to dispersal between the two highlands, leading to species pairs such as Voalavo gymnocaudus (Northern Highlands) and Voalavo antsahabensis (Central Highlands). None of the montane endemics of Tsaratanana are shared with the major massifs of the Central Highlands.


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Coordinates : 14°30′S 49°00′E / 14.5°S 49.0°E / -14.5; 49.0

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