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"No Presents for Christmas" is a single by King Diamond released on December 25, 1985. It was the first music released by King Diamond's new band, after the breakup of Mercyful Fate. It is one of the band's most well-known songs. The song can also be found on the re-issue of King Diamond's first album, Fatal Portrait. Track listing[edit]

"No Presents for Christmas" 4:19 "Charon" 4:10


Mikkey Dee – drums Michael Denner – guitar Andy LaRocque – guitar Timi Hansen – bass guitar King Diamond – vocals

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A Dangerous Meeting Black Rose: 20 Years Ago Nightmare in the Nineties Decade of Horror The Best of King Diamond


"No Presents for Christmas" "Halloween" "The Family Ghost" "Welcome Home" "It is Time for Tea "Eye of the Witch"

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