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Nicholas Gillingham, MBE (born 22 January 1967) is an English former competitive swimmer who represented Great Britain in the Olympics, FINA
world championships and European championships, and England
in the Commonwealth Games. Gillingham participated in three consecutive Summer Olympics, starting in 1988. In August 1989 in the European Championships, he equalled the existing world record in the long-course 200-metre breaststroke in a time of 2:12.90[1], only to co-hold it for a single day before the other record co-holder, American Mike Barrowman, lowered the record again. At the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, he won the silver medal in the 200-metre breaststroke in a Commonwealth record of 2:14.12,[2] followed by a bronze medal in the same event four years later at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona in another Commonwealth record of 2:11.29.[3] Although better known as a 200m breaststroke swimmer, Gillingham was also a world class 100m swimmer and was ranked first in the world in 1992 with his Commonwealth record of 1:01.33 from the British Olympic trials. However, he sustained a leg injury during the Olympics which impaired his performance in the 100m final where he finished 7th, half a second slower than his heat time.[4] Gillingham was born in Walsall
and trained by Tim Jones. He also won the world title at the first inaugural 1993 FINA
Short Course World Championships in Palma de Mallorca. He broke three world, ten European, nine Commonwealth and seventeen British records during his career and won 17 major championships. Gillingham was awarded the MBE in 1993 for 'services to swimming' and retired from full-time competitive sport in 1996. After retiring, he established a sports communications business focusing on sports marketing, development & events. Recently, Gillingham took part in a scheme called Young Ambassadors, promoting youth sport development in the North East of England
at Loughborough. See also[edit]

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World Short Course Champions in Men's 200 m Breaststroke

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Brendan Hansen
(USA) 2006: Vladislav Polyakov (KAZ) 2008: Kristopher Gilchrist (GBR) 2010: Naoya Tomita (JPN) 2012: Dániel Gyurta
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(HUN) 2014: Dániel Gyurta
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(HUN) 2016: Marco Koch
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(FIN) 1934: Erwin Sietas
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(GER) 1938: Jochen Balke (GER) 1947: Roy Romain (GBR) 1950: Herbert Klein (FRG) 1954: Klaus Bodinger (GDR) 1958: Leonid Kolesnikov (URS) 1962: Georgy Prokopenko
Georgy Prokopenko
(URS) 1966: Georgy Prokopenko
Georgy Prokopenko
(URS) 1970: Klaus Katzur
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(GDR) 1974: David Wilkie (GBR) 1977: Gerald Mörken (FRG) 1981: Robertas Žulpa (URS) 1983: Adrian Moorhouse (GBR) 1985: Dmitry Volkov (URS) 1987: József Szabó
József Szabó
(HUN) 1989: Nick Gillingham (GBR) 1991: Nick Gillingham (GBR) 1993: Nick Gillingham (GBR) 1995: Andrey Korneyev (RUS) 1997: Aleksandr Gukov (BLR) 1999: Stéphan Perrot (FRA) 2000: Dmitry Komornikov (RUS) 2002: Davide Rummolo (ITA) 2004: Paolo Bossini (ITA) 2006: Sławomir Kuczko (POL) 2008: Grigory Falko (RUS) 2010: Dániel Gyurta
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(HUN) 2012: Dániel Gyurta
Dániel Gyurta
(HUN) 2014: Marco Koch
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(GER) 2016: Ross Murdoch
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1930–1934: 200 yards breaststroke 1938–1966: 220 yards breaststroke 1970–2010: 200 metres breaststroke

1930: Jack Aubin (CAN) 1934: Norman Hamilton (SCO) 1938: Goldup Davies (ENG) 1950: David Hawkins (AUS) 1954: Jack Doms (NZL) 1958: Terry Gathercole
Terry Gathercole
(AUS) 1962: Ian O'Brien (AUS) 1966: Ian O'Brien (AUS) 1970: Bill Mahony (CAN) 1974: David Wilkie (SCO) 1978: Graham Smith (CAN) 1982: Victor Davis (CAN) 1986: Adrian Moorhouse (ENG) 1990: Jonathan Cleveland (CAN) 1994: Nick Gillingham (ENG) 1998: Simon Cowley (AUS) 2002: Jim Piper (AUS) 2006: Mike Brown (CAN) 2010: Brenton Rickard
Brenton Rickard
(AUS) 2014: Ross Murdoch
Ross Murdoch
(SCO) 2018: James Wilby (ENG)

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