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NEW TETSUJIN-28 (太陽の使者 鉄人28号, Taiyō no Shisha Tetsujin Nijūhachi-gō, lit. Solar Messenger Iron Man #28) is a 1980 Japanese Mecha
Animated series produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha , and a modern style remake of Mitsuteru Yokoyama 's manga Tetsujin 28-go
Tetsujin 28-go
. It was directed by Tetsuo Imazawa (Transformers: Super God Masterforce ) and produced by both Shigeru Akagawa and Toru Horikoshi. It aired on Nippon Television
Nippon Television
from October 3, 1980 to September 25, 1981 with a total count of 51 episodes. Fred Ladd and TMS converted the series into THE NEW ADVENTURES OF GIGANTOR, which was broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel in the United States from September 9, 1993 to June 30, 1997.


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At the beginning of the 21st century, scientists found that with new computers and super alloys, they could build an even bigger, faster Gigantor. They built the new Gigantor!


* Eiko Yamada as Shotaro Kaneda * Ikuko Tani as Utako Shikishima * Yoshio Kaneuchi as Dr. Shikishima * Kousei Tomita as Inspector Ohtsuka * Kumiko Takizawa as Makiko Shikishima * Ikuo Nishikawa as Robby * Keiko Toda as Prince Gula * Kenji Utsumi as Space Demon King * Osamu Kobayashi as Branch * Kazuyuki Sogabe as Narrator


* Barbara Goodson as Jimmy Sparks * Doug Stone as Bob Brilliant * Tom Wyner as Inspector Blooper * Gregg Berger
Gregg Berger
as Coldark * Michael Bell as Dr. Murkybottom * Richard Epcar as Moldark * Jeff Winkless


The series was created by Tokyo Movie Shinsha and broadcast as New Iron Man 28 in Japan
between October 3, 1980 and September 25, 1981. The opening theme was Taiyo no Shisha Tetsujin Nijūhachi-gō (太陽の使者・鉄人28号, Solar Messenger, Iron Man #28) by Junichi Kawauchi. The two ending themes were Kibō ni mukatte 〜 Shōtarō no tēma 〜 (希望にむかって〜正太郎のテーマ〜, Theme of Shotaro: Toward the Hope) and Muteki no Tetsujin Nijūhachi-gō (無敵の鉄人28号, The Invincible: Iron Man #28), also by Junichi Kawauchi.

The series was adapted for North America
North America
by Fred Ladd and broadcast as The New Adventures of Gigantor
on Sci-Fi Channel from September 9, 1993. This broadcast ended on June 30, 1997 after reruns.



1 "The Plot to Steal the Sun"

2 "Hands of the Enemy"

3 "Deadly Doctor Doom"

4 "The Robot Birdman"

5 "The Phantom Robot"

6 "Monster of the Deep"

7 "The Crashing Satellite"

8 "The Dreaded Double Robot"

9 "Menace from Space"

10 "Bitter Revenge"

11 "The Invisible Enemy"

12 "The Robot Runners"

13 "Will the Real Gigantor
Please Stand Up?"

14 "The Abominable Iceman"

15 "The Dragon Master"

16 "The Guardian of Evil"

17 "The Manta Marauders"

18 "The Pirate Submarine"

19 "The Sting of the Scorpion"

20 "The Fearsome Pharaoh"

21 "The Shrinking Ray"

22 "Kid Warriors"

23 "Red Devil"

24 "The Fiery Robosaurus"

25 "Invaders from Space"

26 "The Master of Space"

27 "The Great Garkonga"

28 "The Pritheum Plot"

29 "The Crusader Robot"

30 "The Scheme to Scorch the West"

31 "The Doomsday Comet"

32 "The Thunder God"

33 "The Final Battle"

34 "The Robot Who Could Think"

35 "Blue Danger"

36 "Robot on a Rampage"

37 "The Awesome Alpha-Bot"

38 "Fall from the Sky"

39 "The Boy from Second Earth"

40 "The Black Hole"

41 "The Queen of Time"

42 "The Curse of Dracula"

43 "Z is for Zombie"

44 "The Ghastly Ghost"

45 "Skeemer's Demons"

46 "Trapped in the Past"

47 " Gigantor
for Sale"

48 "The Space Fortress"

49 "The Friend Turned Enemy"

50 "The Battle to Save the Earth"

51 "The Sun That Never Shines"


All 51 episodes span on two DVD Box collections, and was released in Japan
by Movic in December 2001 and March 2002 respectively. The Blu-ray
version was released in Japan
by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment , the first box was released on October 2016 and the second in December 2016.


In January 2012 New Tetsujin-28 was announced to appear in Super Robot Wars Z2: Regeneration Chapter.


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