Neuticles are prosthetic testicular implants for neutered dogs and other domestic animals.[1] The implants may be made of polyprophylene or silicon.[2]

Gregg Miller developed the idea for Neuticles after his bloodhound, Buck, was castrated to stop his wandering.[3] Miller, along with a veterinarian, patented the procedure for implanting Neuticles.[4] To sell his idea, Miller established CTI (Canine Testicular Implant) Corporation,[3] and the first commercial Neuticles were implanted in 1995.[1] Miller won the 2005 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine, a parody of the real Nobel Prize, for the invention of Neuticles.[5][6]

In the UK, the regulatory body for veterinarians, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, states that the use of testicular implants in dogs is unethical.[7]

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