The Info List - Neue Bachgesellschaft

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The NEUE BACHGESELLSCHAFT, or New Bach Society, is an organisation based in Leipzig
, Germany, devoted to the music of the composer Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach
. It was founded in 1900 as the successor to the Bach Gesellschaft , which between 1850 and 1900 produced a complete edition of Bach's works, publishing many pieces for the first time. On completion of these collected works (the Bach-Ausgabe), the original Society dissolved itself.

The new Society approved three enduring projects:

* the annual edition of a Bach-Jahrbuch (Bach yearbook) * biannual (today: annual) Bachfeste (Bach festivals). The venues of the Bachfest have mainly been in Germany, but the 2012 Festival had an international dimension, being held in Görlitz
- Zgorzelec
on the German-Polish border . * the founding of a Bach museum. In 1907 the Society opened the first museum dedicated to Bach at Eisenach
, the town where he was born. This Bachhaus is managed by the Bachhaus Eisenach