The Neiwan Line (Chinese: 內灣線; pinyin: Nèiwān Xiàn) is a railway branch line in Taiwan operated by the Taiwan Railways Administration. It is located in Hsinchu County.


The Neiwan Line was completed on 11 September 1951. Although this line is a branch line, its standards are comparable to those of a main line except that it is not electrified. It became a popular tourist site in the early 2000s.

The Neiwan Line closed temporarily between Hsinchu and Zhudong on 28 February 2007. This was to allow construction of the Liujia Line. The line was reopened on 11 November 2011. [1]

Liujia branch

The Liujia Line, which connects TRA Hsinchu Station and THSR Hsinchu Station, branches off from the Neiwan Line at Zhuzhong Station.[2]


All trains run between Hsinchu and Neiwan. The headway between each number of runs is about one hour. There has been one through-service between Neiwan and Taipei on Saturdays and Sundays since 2004. The Neiwan Line is principally serviced by Local Trains (區間車). Until the renovation of the Neiwan Line which accompanied the construction of the Liujia Line, only diesel-powered trains serviced the Neiwan Line as it was not electrified. Now, diesel-powered trains are only required on the segment between Zhuzhong and Neiwan. On some special occasions diesel-powered versions of the Tzu-Chiang Limited Express (自強號) have been used on the route.


Station Name Transfers and Notes Location
Hanyu Tongyong Chinese
Hsinchu 新竹 Taiwan Railways Administration Taiwan Trunk Line (N) East Hsinchu
North Hsinchu 北新竹 Taiwan Railways Administration Taiwan Trunk Line (N)
Qianjia 千甲
Xinzhuang 新莊
Zhuzhong Jhujhong 竹中 Taiwan Railways Administration Liujia Line to THSR Hsinchu Station Zhudong Hsinchu
Shangyuan 上員
Ronghua 榮華
Zhudong Jhudong 竹東
Hengshan 橫山 Hengshan
Jiuzantou Jiouzantou 九讚頭
Hexing Hesing 合興
Fugui Fuguei 富貴
Neiwan 內灣


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