The Info List - Necrobia Ruficollis

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NECROBIA RUFICOLLIS, the HAM BEETLE, RED-SHOULDERED HAM BEETLE or RED-NECKED BACON BEETLE, is a predatory beetle in the family Cleridae with a cosmopolitan distribution .


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Necrobia ruficollis
Necrobia ruficollis
is 4.0–6.5 millimetres (0.16–0.26 in) long, and is mostly a metallic black or dark blue colour. Its thorax and legs and the bases of the elytra are reddish brown.


It feeds on dead animals, including dried and smoked meats and animal skins , as well as on cheese . It is frequently found in cadavers in the later stages of decomposition , and is thus useful in forensic entomology .


Pierre André Latreille
Pierre André Latreille
was imprisoned in 1793 under threat of execution, after failing to swear allegiance to the state following the Civil Constitution of the Clergy
Civil Constitution of the Clergy
. When the prison's doctor inspected the prisoners, he was surprised to find Latreille scrutinising a beetle on the dungeon floor. When Latreille explained that it was a rare insect, having identified it as Necrobia ruficollis, the physician was impressed and sent the insect to a 15-year-old local naturalist, Jean Baptiste Bory de Saint-Vincent . Bory de St.-Vincent knew Latreille's work, and managed to obtain the release of Latreille and one of his cell-mates. All the other inmates were dead within one month.




ITIS 113860

NCBI 433250

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