The Info List - Necrobia Ruficollis

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Necrobia ruficollis, the ham beetle,[1] red-shouldered ham beetle or red-necked bacon beetle,[2] is a predatory beetle in the family Cleridae with a cosmopolitan distribution.[1]


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Description[edit] Necrobia ruficollis is 4.0–6.5 millimetres (0.16–0.26 in) long, and is mostly a metallic black or dark blue colour. Its thorax and legs and the bases of the elytra are reddish brown.[2] Ecology[edit] It feeds on dead animals, including dried and smoked meats and animal skins, as well as on cheese. It is frequently found in cadavers in the later stages of decomposition,[1] and is thus useful in forensic entomology. Latreille[edit] Pierre André Latreille was imprisoned in 1793 under threat of execution, after failing to swear allegiance to the state following the Civil Constitution of the Clergy.[3] When the prison's doctor inspected the prisoners, he was surprised to find Latreille scrutinising a beetle on the dungeon floor.[4] When Latreille explained that it was a rare insect, having identified it as Necrobia ruficollis, the physician was impressed and sent the insect to a 15-year-old local naturalist, Jean Baptiste Bory de Saint-Vincent. Bory de St.-Vincent knew Latreille's work, and managed to obtain the release of Latreille and one of his cell-mates.[4] All the other inmates were dead within one month.[4] References[edit]

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Wd: Q6985636 BugGuide: 245809 EoL: 2400706 EPPO: NECRRF Fauna Europaea: 187066 GBIF: 1161901 iNaturalist: 176816 ITIS: 1