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NATURE CHEMICAL BIOLOGY is a monthly, peer-reviewed , scientific journal , which is published by Nature Publishing Group . It was first published in June 2005 (volume 1, issue 1). Terry L. Sheppard is a full-time professional editor with the title, "Chief Editor", and employed by Nature Chemical Biology.


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The publishing focus of Nature Chemical Biology is a forum for original research and commentary in Chemical-biology. Published topics encompass concepts and research methods in chemistry , biology, and related disciplines with the end result of controlling biological systems at the molecular level . Authors (contributors) are chemical biologists , also chemists involved in interdisciplinary research between chemistry and biology, along with biologists who produce research results in understanding and controlling biological processes at the molecular level.

Interdisciplinary research in chemistry and biology is emphasized. The journal's main focus in this area is fundamental research which illuminates available chemical and biological tools, as well as mechanisms underpinning biological processes. Also included are studies articulating applications at the molecular level when combining these two disciplines. Emphasis is also given to innovations in methods and theory produced from cross-disciplinary studies.

The readership for Nature Chemical Biology, which also functions as a forum, are researchers in the chemical and life sciences . Besides original research articles, this journal also publishes reviews, perspectives, highlights of research in this and other journals, correspondence, and commentaries.


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